The UCP is creating their own PRIDE event. Let UCP Leadership know, members don't support PRIDE.

Orate in action:

PRIDE goes before destruction: The fall of principles.

(Picture is of the Calgary Sexual Health [CSH] Center float in the PRIDE parade. CSH is the same organization that is fighting to impose Bill-24 against parents, regardless of the risks and harm to children that they themselves facilitate and enable.) Recently, I came across a facebook post about a United Conservative Party (UCP) ‘PRIDE’ […]

The Eminent Sire’s Pontifications Episode 3 – A walk-through of judgement.

As promised, here is my breakdown of the policy changes in SD76 that came as a direct result of Bill-24. Highlighted, annotated Board Policy Changes And in Part 2, I walk through in detail the complete judgement on the Bill-24 Injunction. Highlighted, annotated Bill-24 Court Injunction Judgement As a bonus, have a listen to John […]

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