Press Release Regarding Hearing of Petition Appeal Decision

Press Release Regarding Hearing of Petition Appeal Decision

Here is the complete text of the press release that was sent to CHAT Radio, CJCY, and Praise FM.


Last October, a large number of concerned residents of Medicine Hat
submitted a petition to have a committee formed that would give
non-binding recommendation on the implementation of SD76’s Policy 621 & 622.

That petition was rejected, without being evaluated for all criteria
outlined in the School Act, and a number of signatures were deemed
disqualified by the Secretary of the Board.

Details were requested on the disqualified signatures and the Secretary
refused to provide them. Jeremy Williamson, who had submitted the
petition, then filed for appeal, on behalf of the signatories, with the
Court of Queens bench, asking that the Secretary’s decision be
overturned, as is the process outlined in the School Act.

Justice Tilleman heard the Appeal and Arguments on March 10th of this
year, and made note of the unprecedented crowd size in the court room.
The signatories of the petition consisted of more than 30 different
congregations and community groups in Medicine Hat, and spanned every
social, religious, and age of majority demographic including those who
identify as LGBTI.

On Thursday April 13, at 9am Justice Tilleman will be rendering his
verdict on the matter.

Mr. Williamson and the Concerned Parents of School District 76 invite
the public to attend and hear the Justice’s decision.

SD76 has asked that the case be dismissed and court fees be levied
against Mr. Williamson on the grounds that the appeal on behalf of 2034
concerned citizens is “frivolous and vexatious.”

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