Pre Public Board Meeting Prep Post

Pre Public Board Meeting Prep Post

SD #76 is having their regular public board meeting tomorrow, the 25th at 6pm at Board Office next to Medicine Hat High.

There are a couple of important items on the agenda. All relevant documents can be found here.

The key items of note are

  • “THAT the Board authorize the Chair to hire an external representative of the ASBA to assist in the evaluation process of the Superintendent, with the request that Terry Gunderson be the representing agent,” in regards to the new powers being delegated to the superintendent to assign students to special education programs, and to transfer staff within the district.
  • Changes to polices 510, 516, & 545 regarding delegating authority to the superintendent to transfer staff within the district. These changes seem to match entirely with the School Act.
  • Mrs. Freeman will be reporting on the Policy 622 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Consultation

Policy 210.1 does not seems to have anything of concern. The Board is simply giving the superintendent the power to say when a child may need special education. He must report his decisions to the board. I hope the board brings clarification as to what exactly Mr. Gunderson’s role is. If the superintendent has to report to the board any time he uses the delegated powers, then what evaluation is  Mr. Gunderson conducting.

The changes to 510,516, & 545 make it out like the staff person will be put on trial if they do not wish to be transferred. Some more information on just when and why these transfers may be necessary would be of interest. Unless the district is understaffed, I don’t see many situations where this would be necessary. The School Act does outline this, and suggests that it may be of benefit to the personal development of the staff. I think of personal development as a bit of misnomer, as forcing it would probably breed resentment and discontent. Not exactly ‘development’ you would want in a teacher.

As for the report on the 622 review, I am interested in hearing what info was collected, as I’ve said in previous posts, the process was a bit ham handed. All in all it should be an interesting meeting, and I hope I can count on a few other concerned residents showing up to witness the proceedings, and/or discussion on these matters.

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