You go where we tell you to!

You go where we tell you to!

I’m going to read between the lines a little bit here, but basically, if you are not Catholic, you MUST send your kids to another school. If this goes all the way through the supreme court, then Catholic schools would be over enrolled, and under funded. This is unequivocally the government telling you that you can not send your child to a school of your choice unless you can prove that you are of the same religion.

This is why there are the whispers of ‘Catholic’ programs in public schools in Alberta. Alberta Education knows that there are many parents who choose to send their kids to Catholic or other independent schools, even though they are not Catholic. Alberta Ed is moving to shut down other school options as quickly as they can, but they can’t just outright shut them down, like they tried with WISDOM, so they are going to ‘entice’ parents to ‘choose’ the public system. If you cut the funding to other options, and offer ‘similar’ programs in the public schools, parents will ‘choose’ a single system.

It is the old gun to your head “your money or your life” type of choice. The average parent can not afford to send their kids to a school without subsidies, nor can they prove to be Catholic. Home schooling is simply impossible for most families, so what do you think parents will ‘choose’?

Should non-Catholic kids be allowed to attend Catholic schools?

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