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SD76 – Creastwood School Parent Council meeting

Today I attended the Creastwood school parent council meeting in regards to policy 622. Catherine Wilson-Fraiser was in attendance and policy 622 was specifically on the agenda. When it was being discussed, my concerns were downplayed and there was a very limited amount of time given to this item. There was only enough time for one item to be discussed and my concerns were never addressed. She skirted around the concerns and said “that’s not what it means” she or the vice principal never took any notes. no one ever put forth motions to move on from the issue but the topic was moved on from with out one. Admitting that I have never been to one of these meetings, but on all the other topics a motion was put forth to move to the next topic and then there was a second to that motion and then a vote of all in favour. This never happened with the policy 622. I feel extremely frustrated that when given the opportunity to present my concerns the school board representative didn’t take me seriously or provide constructive responses. I also feel that such an important topic only 10-15 minutes was spent on it. REALLY!!!
If you have concerns regarding this policy I URGE you to email your principals, your vice principals, your parent advisory committees, as well as every member on the school board. I have a letter of my concerns that I am emailing to all of these people and would be happy to forward a copy to ANYONE who is wanting to send an email.
ALSO on the amendment that was provided today to Policy 622 the policy WILL NOT be reviewed every year as previously in the policy. “All future amendments to this policy shall be in accordance with out existing policy amendment procedures” according to Catherine that will be 2020.

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