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C.P.O.S. – Protect: The Sex Ed Walk Out & Bill 24

In my last post, I stated that the CPoSD76 were working on a plan to help combat the clearly insidious intentions of Alberta Public Education to indoctrinate and sexualize our children with their twisted idea of ethics and sexuality.

The plan is being called CPOS. Create, protect, orate, and solidify. … Over the next Month, I will be making 4 separate posts about what exactly each prong of the ‘4orked’ plan is, and how the coalition hopes to implement it. For now though, there are two prongs you can get started on yourself.

This post is the first of 4 that go into detail of what the collaborative plan of the CPoSD76 is. As also mentioned earlier, this is a forked plan, with multiple facets happening simultaneously. Although the acronym, C.P.O.S., may be in a particular order, the execution of it may happen in a different order.


Today’s post is about the “Protect” portion:
As was noted in my comment in the last post, “Life Site” News published an article (Mat Walsh at The Daily Wire also published about it) about how parents are pulling their children out of school to protest the grotesque sexualization of children from k-12 in public education around the globe.

Protect: April 23rd, 2018 is international walk out day to protest the obscene, abusive, bigoted, and abhorrent sex education that is being forced in schools around the world. (Bill-24 provides no limits to the material that your child can be exposed to at school.) I encourage every parent, who’s children are not home schooled, to pull their child out of school on April 23rd. Explain that you do not support the sexualization of our children for the satisfaction of adults with unhealthy obsessions over the sexual development of other people’s per-pubescent children, that Bill-24 is an unconstitutional violation of human rights, and that parents have first discretion and authority over their children and their education, not the government. Do this whether your school has supported the family or not, as a show of solidarity to those who have not had the ability or choice to send their children to a school that supports their rights.

For the U.S., it is “Comprehensive Sex Education,” for Australia it is “Safe Schools,” for British Columbia it is “SOGI 123“, and of course for Alberta it is the Sex Clubs with ultimate power, the GSAs. The details of the #SexEdSitOut are available here, and you can add your city, and sign a petition etc. I fully endorse this sit out, and the goals are in line with the essential intent of the “Protect” phase of the C.P.O.S. plan. I intend on keeping my kids home on the 23rd, and a generic outline for an e-mail you can send to your child’s principal is available here. (Be sure to CC any other administrative officially that would need to know of your child(ren)s absence.)

Although my child’s school is not currently supporting the sexualization of minors, they are under the thumb of SD76’s jurisdiction, and that can be forced to change at any moment. I am however pulling my child out in an act of solidarity for those who’s children are being exposed to this obscene material and teaching, and as an act to draw awareness to the actions and intent of Alberta Education. I encourage you to do so as well.

Another action you can take to “Protect” your children from the errant direction of Alberta’s public education, that is also inline with the principle of  CPoSD76 C.P.O.S. plan, is to support the challenge of Bill 24. On April 5th, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms filed a court application challenging Bill-24. Bill-24 gives GSAs the power to form and operate without any oversight, and with the power to teach literally anything. Not only without your consent as a parent, but without even your knowledge of it. You can protect your children from this malicious law by spreading word of it and it’s challenge in court.

I heard directly from John Carpay, that media is minimizing coverage of this in an attempt to keep the public ignorant of the facts, and the challenge. You can counter this be sharing the links provided in the Parent Watch Forum, and by telling as many people as possible about what is going on. One of the groups on the court challenge is Parents for Choice in Education, and you can find out more and support their efforts here. The CPoSD76 are also working with the JCCF to support in any way they can, and may be playing a more active and intentional part in the challenge going forward. One final action you can take is to make a donation to the JCCF to aid in the financial burden of challenging the law in court.

This brings us finally to the specific details of the “Protect” prong of the C.P.O.S. plan. These details will be available via a permanent page in the top menu later [this week].

The stated goal of the “Protect” prong is to:

Protect our children from current curriculum, policy, and legislation that undermines the family, and the security or safety of our children through; legal and peaceful protest and/or walkouts, whistle blower or accountability procedures, and assistance for parents and students to navigate the bureaucratic educational system.

The “Protect” page will have a list of current protective actions that the CPoSD76 are undertaking. (Including the two listed above.) The details of how you can participate in those actions will vary depending on action being undertaken.

Some things that are in the works, besides the two mentioned above are:

  • A list of keywords and phrases that parents need to be aware of, and what actions may be necessary should those phrases come up in a classroom.
  • A pledge to pull your child, or instruct them to leave a class should an inappropriate topic be brought up in class. Along with instructions on how to inform the teachers on the rational.
  • A hotline (email or phone is still to be determined) that parents can contact should a ‘trigger’ topic be discussed, or an incident of prejudice or bias against a student, teacher or staff member, or parent that occur within the district; this would also be available for whistle blowers to expose corruption, malfeasance, or professional incompetence with the district. The CPoSD76 would then help the whistle blower follow proper channels and get protections for the information they are divulging.
  • Simple forms that individuals can fill out, if they wish to request assistance in navigating bureaucracy, knowing specific rights on issues, or understanding policy.

This list is not exhaustive, and is subject to fluctuations. The CPoSD76 is of course open to feed back and improvement, and if you wish to help or participate in any way, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Find out where the candidates stand on Parental Involvement and Family!

Concerned Parents will be updating shortly with an election guide. If you would like to see a Parent focused all candidates forum we need YOUR help. Please Contact Us.

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Update! Update! Update!

Thanks to the threats against me recently, last night the CPoSD76 website crossed over 100,000 hits after only 3 months of operation. Several thousands since the news broke. Based on projections, 100,000 was a feat I wasn’t expecting the site to achieve for another week and a half. Over the last couple of days I and the CPoSD76 have received numerous e-mails and phone calls of support, and asking me to keep up the good fight. In fact, all of them, who had never signed the petition, asked where they could sign. This was a problem, as it became time consuming to write back each person asking.

So thanks to the generosity of local churches, this Sunday is going to be a petition Signing day.

If you:

  • Are a Canadian Citizen over 18
  • Live within the boundaries of School District #76
  • Have not declared support for the Catholic School Board
  • And have not signed the petition before

Sunday July 16th

From 11:00 to 11:30 AM at
Victory Lutheran Church 2793 Southview Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 2H1
T: 403-527-5617 E:


From 11:00am – 12:00pm at
Medicine Hat Christian Reformed Church, 300 Primrose Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB  T1B 3S9
403 529 5650
If you are unable to make the petition signing events, you can contact us, and will be do our best to have a volunteers arrange a meet up to sign the petition.
We got 1500 signatures in a weekend before. Based on the support throughout the community, 138 should be a cake walk.
With 138 signatures, parents will finally be heard by their elected representatives.

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A conference wake up call. Parents are losing to the state…

What a weekend! The Southern Alberta Conference on the Family was a smashing success! Hardly an empty seat in the room. Theresa Ng, Donna Trimble, and John Carpay all gave articulate well researched presentations, with a clear warning to Parents, that their rights are being stripped, and the family is under direct attack. It is clear that fundamental changes are being implemented in Alberta Education that put children at risk, and shake the very foundations of a free and prosperous society. The situation is dire throughout Canada, not just in Alberta. We can not express enough, the gratitude we have for the guest speakers who were willing to come together and equip parents with the resources they need to prepare for the attacks that are coming, and have already been implemented.



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Quick CPoSD76 Update

Two quick updates, since I know many of you are eagerly waiting to hear about them.

  1. The Southern Alberta Conference on the Family was a success, and a more detailed post will be forth coming, along with complete video from the conference. Technicians are in the process of making the video available.
  2. The chairman of the SD76 Board of Trustees has responded to the open letter. The response is….complicated. More details on that will be coming shortly.


Conference on the Family Reminder

Over the last 15 months the CPoSD76 been involved in a cultural battle to protect the children of Medicine Hat from a teaching and practice that demoralizes the family, and puts children at risk. Policies have been put into place that restructures the very foundation of known proven biology, and undermines the concept of Male and Female as plainly evident in the world around us.

Though that in itself is a serious issue, those policies have also been used as door by which to pass in other concerning teaching and policy that undermine the authority of parents. Policy has been put in place that gives the ‘state’ an unnatural position of Authority, overriding that of parents. The clear goal of the policies being to reconstruct the family, and replace it with the state. A key pillar of Marxist ideology.

In partner with other residents, Churches, and community organizations in Medicine Hat, recognizing that the agenda to usurp parental authority and suppress family rights pervades in all levels of government, we have organized a Conference on the Family, on June 10th. The purpose of the conference being to prepare and inform families of the issues that threaten them in our society today, how they can fight them, and to know what their rights are.

We have arranged key note speakers with expert knowledge on the Educational and Legal Systems of Alberta and Canada, and we invite you to attend the conference. This is a free conference. Complete details on the location, speakers, and workshops can be found by going to

We hope to see you there, and if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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A choice needs to be made.

Last week I gave a report on a meeting with members of the Board of SD76.

This week, a decision needs to be made on how we should proceed post petition appeal. If option (1.) is chosen, the date of the Meeting would be Saturday, May 27th. The end of the school year is approaching, and this matter needs to be cleared up before the summer break.

Below is a very quick form that would provide us with concrete information on how parents feel we should continue. This is your opportunity. The names and e-mail of those that provide feedback will never be shared publicly. We know first hand the kind of blow back you can get from having an opinion that is not in agreement with the mainstream, and we will do our utmost to protect you from any such blow back.

I certify that I am a Public School Board Elector, who resides within Medicine Hat School District #76.

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Case dismissed….but wait, there is more!

(See bottom for brief summary)

Another morning at the Court of Queen’s Bench, although cold and windy, at least this time it wasn’t a snow storm. For the 40-50 people who showed in the court room at 9am, it was brief event. Justice Tilleman brought the court to order, introductions were made, and the Justice informed us that his written decision was to be handed out. He dismissed the appeal, and the court was adjourned.

There was a flurry of activity afterwards, as many had questions as to why it was so short. Even some of the reporters noted how brief the proceedings were. I know all of you are eager to here the details, and I apologize that I could not have written this sooner, but I too had to get back to work.

The main arguments that were addressed were:

  1. The 25% condition of section 269(1)(a) of the School Act was not evaluated for the petition.
  2. That 259 signatures that only had postal codes were not considered valid.
  3. That when asked for details on the 110 rejected out of district signatures, the Secretary refused to provide them.
  4. A possible privacy violation of a witness to the petition.

Justice Tilleman began with a brief statement of background on the appeal, and discussed the nature of the appeal. In paragraph [16] he states that we were seeking clarification on the procedures for a petition. In [17] he notes some of the allegations regarding the behaviour of the board leading up to the submitting of the petition, but explains that they are outside the scope of the appeal, and mentions that although outside the scope, it does not mean that relief can not be sought via another avenue. (referencing argument 4)

In the final paragraph of the nature of the appeal [18], the Justice makes note of the fact that the petition that was submitted to the Board of SD76 can be amended to correct the deficiencies that were outlined by the Secretary. This means that we do not have to start again from scratch. Paragraph [18] is what allows us to collect 110 new signatures, and correct the 259. Since March 10th, we have collected 194 new signatures, and corrected 75 of those containing only a postal code. That means we only need to correct another 100 postal code signatures, or collect 100 new. I say we shoot for at least 144 to be on the safe side. If we can get 12 people to volunteer to collect 1 sheet each, we will have our goal. If they collect 2 sheets (24 signatures per person), we will be well within a safe buffer. You can download the petition sheets here.

In part IV. the Justice goes on to explain the standard of review. Both parties agreed on the standard of review, and so in this summary, I will skip over that part. The full text of Justice Tilleman’s decision can be found here.

In part V. the Justice analyzes the 3 remaining arguments. The first being the 25% condition. In paragraph [35] he explains that it would offend basic notions of fairness to expect the secretary to assist the petitioner in identifying the schools to which the signatories belonged. To do so would overlap the duties of the petitioner and the neutral decision maker. This is a fair point to be made. The Justice then explains in [36] that a second petition submitted (by Sheldon Johnston) 2 days later, had clearly outlined school and parent information. Mr. Johnston had informed me that he received the formatting for his petition from the Secretary. That petition was also rejected.

The second contention that Justice Tilleman’s deals with is the signatures with only a postal code. It was dealt with in paragraphs [37-48]. In which, the Justice states that it is a reasonable interpretation that postal codes are all that is need to identify if a signatory is an elector in Medicine Hat, and that it is relevant that the Lethbridge School Board allowed it. It was his judgment though that it could not be applied to all districts, and one School Board is not subject to the decision of another. He also noted, that although the intent of the law was to establish if a signatory was an elector, the wording of the law required a “postal address,” and the Secretary is bound to follow the wording. He therefor made the judgment that it was reasonable to exclude the 259 signatures.

The Final argument Justice Tilleman addressed was the 110. He noted that (we) the applicant did not contest this, only that the Secretary would not provide us with details in a timely fashion. (paragraph [13 & 14])

Based on these determinations, Justice Tilleman dismissed the appeal. No costs were awarded, or discussed.

So, in summary of the summary:

  1. Postal Codes are not sufficient. Full address must be supplied.
  2. 25% rule can only be evaluated if sufficient details about which school the parents child goes to are supplied on the petition.
  3. The petition we submitted on September 19th can be amended and re-evaluated. No deadline was given.

This was not an unexpected ruling. Although the appeal was dismissed, sufficient avenues were provided that allows us to complete the petition and have our committee, in a reasonable time frame. (And no costs were awarded.)

Press Release Regarding Hearing of Petition Appeal Decision

Here is the complete text of the press release that was sent to CHAT Radio, CJCY, and Praise FM.


Last October, a large number of concerned residents of Medicine Hat
submitted a petition to have a committee formed that would give
non-binding recommendation on the implementation of SD76’s Policy 621 & 622.

That petition was rejected, without being evaluated for all criteria
outlined in the School Act, and a number of signatures were deemed
disqualified by the Secretary of the Board.

Details were requested on the disqualified signatures and the Secretary
refused to provide them. Jeremy Williamson, who had submitted the
petition, then filed for appeal, on behalf of the signatories, with the
Court of Queens bench, asking that the Secretary’s decision be
overturned, as is the process outlined in the School Act.

Justice Tilleman heard the Appeal and Arguments on March 10th of this
year, and made note of the unprecedented crowd size in the court room.
The signatories of the petition consisted of more than 30 different
congregations and community groups in Medicine Hat, and spanned every
social, religious, and age of majority demographic including those who
identify as LGBTI.

On Thursday April 13, at 9am Justice Tilleman will be rendering his
verdict on the matter.

Mr. Williamson and the Concerned Parents of School District 76 invite
the public to attend and hear the Justice’s decision.

SD76 has asked that the case be dismissed and court fees be levied
against Mr. Williamson on the grounds that the appeal on behalf of 2034
concerned citizens is “frivolous and vexatious.”

The Grand CPoSD76 Yard Sale!

Well, Friday and Saturday the CPoSD76 held a yard sale, to raise funds for court costs, and help us with future endeavures. We asked families to drop off their gently used items, and boy, did they ever. Just look at how much stuff concerned families dropped off!

    For the 2 hours we were open on Friday, and all day on Saturday plus over time, there was a constant stream of people to see what we had for sale. Many more residents of Medicine Hat became aware of just what was happening with their local School District 76. Awareness is the chief struggle we have.

Parents for instance are just not aware that SD76 has set procedures under policy 621 & 622 that create new ‘problem’ children within the district through vague definitions on various ‘phobias’. That the district has established that they can impress their idea of morality and ethics upon the children in the schools, beyond that of the law, and in some cases, against that which the parents wish to instill.

Most concerning is that the district has established in those same procedures that a child can be monitored while not at school, and if an infraction of school policy/ethics/morals occurs outside school hours, no matter the location, that the child can be disciplined for that infraction. Worse still, they have written into procedures for administration and teachers, that if they see such an infraction, they must report it, or be subject to disciplinary action themselves.

Still though, besides making residents aware of what some of the concerns of the CPoSD76  are, the yard sale also brought awareness about this Thursday’s court decision on the petition that they brought to the Board of SD76. The CPoSD76 have been struggling for over a year to have their concerns heard by the Board, but have been met with continual road blocks. So much so, that they had to appeal the rejection of their petition. The first appeal of it’s kind in Canadian History. Justice Tilleman will in fact on Thursday be setting precedence for any future case like ours.

The Justice will also be giving clarifications on a numbers of aspects of the School Act. One clarification that the Justice gave on March 10th was that the petition can be amended with the requisite number of signatures needed to meet the criteria of the School Act, contrary to the assertion of the Secretary of the Board who stated we must resubmit a new petition (Ie. Recollect all 2000 signatures).

This was a relief to us, as the original collection was a significant amount of work, and consisted of more than 40 volunteers collecting. So, with the statements from the Justice, we set out to collect the 110 shortfall, and to correct the addresses of the 269 that only had postal codes.

We have volunteers tirelessly looking up the addresses as best they can, as they do not have access to postal information, electoral role calls, or school registration lists. The Yard Sale alone provided 78 new signatures, and with several other volunteers yet to hand in there collections, (the numbers are good,) we expect to far exceed the 110 required. Who knows, we may have enough, that we don’t even need to bother with fixing the addresses of the 269!

    Beyond the signatures, the yard sale was ultimately about raising funds for court costs. Although the appeal was self represented, there were a number of costs associated with the case. Including the initial filing, sworn affidavits, and consulting fees.

Although not exuberant, they are a concern for a working father with a family to raise. Throughout this process several individuals indicated that they wanted to help, and some already had, but we wanted to give the broader community the opportunity to be engaged, and show that there are many in the community who are concerned with what is happening in our school district, province, and country. (As if 2034 signatures on a petition wasn’t enough of an indication.)

In fact, the district has not gotten this fact, as not only does a father of two have to worry about his own court costs, but the School Board has asked the Justice to make him pay for their court costs.

In the words of the Secretary, the precedent setting appeal on behalf of 2034 signatories is “frivolous and vexatious,” and the appellant should pay for daring to question the Board, and making them work to evaluate the petition. But that is OK, because our children are worth any cost, and parents will never back down from protecting their own from dangerous and oppressive policy.

And you know what? With only one week’s notice, residents of Medicine Hat showed this to be true, as the massive amount of donations in items for the yard sale, the purchase by others at the yard sale, and with the financial donations towards our efforts. In fact, between sales and donations, a total of $1721.90 was raised for court costs. Not bad for one weekend. Innumerable thanks to all those that bought from our yard sale, and donated to costs. You have no idea how encouraging this is to us. A special thanks to Crossroads Church for letting us use their facility for the yard sale. Could not have hoped for a better location!

    So what of all the items that didn’t sell? The majority of the clothing items have already been donated to refugees via the Dream Center, and the remaining items are slated to be dropped of at the local Salvation Army thrift store later this week, to benefit the local community. There was just so much given by generous families, we didn’t have time to sell it all, nor would we have needed to. This was an incredible showing of the generosity of the residents of Medicine Hat, their concern for their children, for those people new to Canada, and those that are struggling in these difficult economic times.

May we continue to see this level of activation and inclusion for ALL members of our community!

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