Should 10 year olds be asked if they are trans?

Should 10 year olds be asked if they are trans?

An article was shared in the CPoSD76 facebook group that a survey was being conducted in class in Ontario for grades 5-12 about sexual identity.
Although there are some cases where 10 year old children have reached puberty, it certainly isn’t the norm. Several studies since the late 80s have sounded alarms that “children are maturing earlier.” The funny thing is, in my research (googling) of news articles on the “average age of puberty”, I have come across articles (some obviously archived) from the last 3 decades,and they all said the same thing. “New study finds the average age of puberty ‘starts’ at 10″. And they ALL also warned that mental maturity DID NOT occur at the same time.
If you take the probability that a 10 year old has reached puberty. Factor in the probability that they have FULLY sexually matured. Then factor in the probability that the child suffers from gender disphoria. Finally you factor in the probability that the child understands what is going on, and has the mental maturity to express it. You end up with a number so infinitesimally small, that it is an insult to science to think that the survey would give any kind of significant correlation to ANYTHING.
That isn’t even considering other factors like peer pressure to ‘identify’ as something. Political and societal pressures, and parental pressures. (Which are very common among young children that express disphoria.)
What does it even proof anyway? The children do not have to answer the questions in the survey, they are not allowed to do it with their parents,(who would best be able to explain the questions,) and there is nothing screening the children for honest answers. (Forget that older children would skew the results, and be more likely to take the survey.)
The survey isn’t being run along side biological analysis. There is no biological analysis that COULD be done along side, as gender disphoria and sexual identity do not have real world biological markers which can be referred to for analysis. This survey is about grooming children sexually. To get them comfortable with adults talking about sexual matters, and keeping it secret. (Remember parents can not see or help them take this survey.)
Do not forget that former deputy minister of education for Manitoba and Ontario co-authored the sex education curriculum for Ontario. He was not only charged with possession of child pornography, but PLED guilty and was sentenced to 3 years in jail. (Ya, just 3.)
Lets also remember that the Alberta sex ed curriculum was modeled after the Ontario one, and that only just recently graphic, sexually explicit materials were found to be linked to the Alberta GSA Network. The GSAs, in both Ontario and Alberta are being used as Sex Clubs to groom children, and no one has provided parents with evidence to the contrary. No one has explained the logic for detailing 26 different fetishes to kids as young as 5. No one has given hard numbers on the children’s lives who were ‘saved’ by the GSAs. No one has explained why ONLY GSAs deserve enshrinement in law. No one has explained why parents shouldn’t know when their kids joins one. Fun fact, GSA is an acronym for Gay Straight Alliance. So saying kids will be outed if the parents are informed is ridiculous, as maybe a straight kid wants to join to ally themselves with the cause. No one has explained why there is such secrecy around the material that is provided at GSA meetings.
Some people see the GSAs as helping the kids, and I get that. I understand why people would want them. I see how they could help kids, but not how they are currently being run. If you exclude parents and keep secrets, NOTHING good will come of this. If they want alliance, then they need to act in alliance with parents, and they need to repair the holes in the protections of our children from predators. And parents, you need to suck it up, and demand more of School Administrators, and politicians. Putting anyone’s child, not just your own, at risk should offend you, and call you to action to defend the weakest of our society.

Interview with John Carpay 630 CHED Radio

Excellent interview of John Carpay, on 630 CHED. Go to April 4th and scroll forward to the 9 am, 9:00 minute mark (or thereabouts). Well worth the listen!

Listen to Interview


Eggen Refuses to set up safeguards for our children

Leela Sharon Aheer stood up in legislature April 3rd during question period, and asked Education Minister David Eggen what he planned to do to monitor the the links and resources that were being given on the Alberta GSA Network website, and if he would apologize. Unsurprisingly Eggen would not answer the question, and instead tried to insinuate that parents raising these concerns were somehow putting the children at risk of ‘outing.’

Listen for yourself.

Leela Sharon Aheer – “Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen instances where content linked to the Alberta Education website is clearly inappropriate for students, containing graphic and sexual content. Providing supports to all students is imperative, but giving students access to explicit content is wrong. The minister knows it, and – believe me – parents know it.
Yesterday I asked the minister to tell parents whose fault this is, why no one is monitoring this, and who is going to be held accountable.”

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Well, we finally did it!

CPoSD76 finally has it’s own site. It is my hope to be able to bring concerned parents from Medicine Hat here to share those concerns, and have their voices truly heard. It takes a while to get a website recognized, and have the same reach as Facebook, but as long as we keep directing people here, eventually it will have the same activity as our Facebook group had.
The site has been submitted to search engines, with keywords carefully crafted to attract parents who are frustrated with how they have been left out of their child’s education. It is my goal to inform parents as much as possible, and give them the opportunity to interact with the board and administration in a meaningful manner.
I will be posting regular summaries of board meetings, or parent council meetings. It would also make this site far more affective, if other parents shared summaries for the meetings they attended. The more information parents have about what is going on in the district, the better prepared they will be to stand for their children, and their rights as parents. I encourage visitors to register an account, so that they can submit items to the “parent watch” page.
As always, we are open to feedback. If you would like to know our position on a given issue, feel free to contact. Suggested adds to content on website are also welcome. Notice a spelling error, or inaccuracy? Let us know.


Oops, didn’t work the first time, lets do it again….

Some of you may remember that the “Safe Schools” program was banned in parts of Australia (NSW), because of how inaccurate, unproven, and actually dangerous it was. Well, the gender ideologues were not satisfied with that failure, so they are trying to bring it in again, under a different excuse. Family Violence. They are not beating about the bush either. They are jumping right into it and are going after sexist 4 year olds.

When is this going to stop?

How long are we going to let fraud and the sexual exploitation of our children go on? GSAs, as so many claim, ‘save’ lives. For every life saved, how many children end up in a life of prostitution, or exploited by adults for their own agenda or gratification? How many links had to be removed, from a site meant for children, by a man who was fully aware of the kinds of content that were on them? How many links are still listed that still contain degrading, dehumanizing, exploitative content, like project CHEW? How many of these links are committing fraud? “What,” you say, “how is their fraud?” Let me explain. is listed as “Canada’s Source for HIV and hepatitis C information.” Well, I guess it isn’t fraud if they mean they want to list the most efficient ways of getting HIV, and encourage those activities as normal. You see, project CHEW lists as the AUTHOR!!! of the sex alphabet flash cards that are STILL up. I’m waiting for CATIE to explain how (forgive me language,) shitting and urinating on each other prevents HIV, and is something that every child should know how to do.
Either CATIE is lying about their purpose and by extension committing fraud, or CHEW is defaming CATIE. Either way, this is not legal, or healthy ‘support’ for our children, and it is in NO WAY saving lives, but actually endangering them.
Where is the political outrage from our leaders? We have heard from what, 6? 3? Eggen has publicly said nothing, and instead decides to point his bigotry at Baptist schools that refuse to allow fraudulent exploitative ‘clubs’ into their schools. Let me just say this AGAIN to politicians, your silence means you support what happened. I’m using the same logic you use when you say silence on the Guidelines to Best Practices, or silence on 622 means agreement. You can not have it both ways. Either condemns this, and overhaul the GSAs to do what they are supposed to, or you will be condemned by parents as complicit in the sexual exploitation of a generation.

SD76 – Creastwood School Parent Council meeting

Today I attended the Creastwood school parent council meeting in regards to policy 622. Catherine Wilson-Fraiser was in attendance and policy 622 was specifically on the agenda. When it was being discussed, my concerns were downplayed and there was a very limited amount of time given to this item. There was only enough time for one item to be discussed and my concerns were never addressed. She skirted around the concerns and said “that’s not what it means” she or the vice principal never took any notes. no one ever put forth motions to move on from the issue but the topic was moved on from with out one. Admitting that I have never been to one of these meetings, but on all the other topics a motion was put forth to move to the next topic and then there was a second to that motion and then a vote of all in favour. This never happened with the policy 622. I feel extremely frustrated that when given the opportunity to present my concerns the school board representative didn’t take me seriously or provide constructive responses. I also feel that such an important topic only 10-15 minutes was spent on it. REALLY!!!
If you have concerns regarding this policy I URGE you to email your principals, your vice principals, your parent advisory committees, as well as every member on the school board. I have a letter of my concerns that I am emailing to all of these people and would be happy to forward a copy to ANYONE who is wanting to send an email.
ALSO on the amendment that was provided today to Policy 622 the policy WILL NOT be reviewed every year as previously in the policy. “All future amendments to this policy shall be in accordance with out existing policy amendment procedures” according to Catherine that will be 2020.

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