SD76 Trustee Elections

[Update June 29,2017: As of June 26, Candidate packages are available for download form the City of Medicine Hat Website. After looking them over, there doesn’t seems to be any big changes from pervious years. More Detailed info on how to put your name forward to run for School Board Trustee will be coming soon. ]

[Update: The MH Municipal Elections Information page has changed, but still no candidate packages. I contacted the clerk’s office again last week, and was told the packages are supposed to be out this week.]


The experiences that parents have had with School District 76 has shown just how important it is to know who your Trustees are, and what they stand for. Between June and October, the CPoSD76 website will be maintaining this page in order to give you the information you need on the candidates, and the issues of the 2017 SD76 Trustee Election.

At present, there is no information on the Trustee elections on the Medicine Hat City website. Trustee candidates do not need to preregister before nomination day. Election packages for prospective candidates are however required to be provided by the city. The date for the release of those packages, according to the Municipal Affairs Election Calendar, was supposed to be May 8th.

According to the city clerks office, the reason for the delay was because clarifications on new(?) regulations for Trustee code of conduct and ethical standards had not yet been received from Municipal Affairs. They expect that the packages will be available mid June.

It must be noted that Trustee packages are available in Edmonton, and that also appears to be the case in Calgary, as some candidates have already declared their intentions to run for the Calgary Board of Education. It is concerning to the CPoSD76 that there has been this delay, and although no new bylaw that we are aware of has been passed, there seems to be some reworking of the conduct and ethics standard for Trustees. We will keep you apprised of the situation.


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