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A response to the accusations of defamation against the Eminent Sire Williamson

As many across Medicine Hat are well aware, Chat News broke a story last evening, the 11 of July, 2017 that insinuated that Jeremy Williamson may have defamed someone in his writing. This came as a shock to the CPoSD76 as no one had ever contacted the CPoSD76 with a concern over the comments in the article. The first hint that anyone had issue with the article was in an e-mail the CPoSD76 received on the 11th at 9am, which stated:
“Good morning,

We’re looking to get hold of Jeremy Williamson for a comment on a story we’re working on for tonight.
Our deadline is 3:30 P.M. today, and it would be an on-camera interview we’re looking for.
The interview is in regards to some concerns raised by the school board about some of the content being posted on the CPOSD76 blog.
Please send me an email or give me a call so we can set something up for today (Tuesday July 11th.)

Thank you,
Leah Murray”

The message was of course passed on to Sire Williamson.

After the story broke, and it was revealed in the article, that no statement had been taken from Sire Williamson, we were curious as to why he had not responded to the Chat request, and we wanted to know his take on the article and what his response was.

A concerned parent had a conversation with Sire Williamson, and the following is a transcript of that conversation. Given the history of malicious and vindictive attacks upon concerned parents in the past, the name of that concerned parent has been replaced with that of our coalition’s name.

CPoSD76: Thank you Jeremy for taking the time to sit down and discuss this. I’m sure things have been quite hectic since the story broke.

Sire Williamson: No problem. It was a little crazy there for a while.

CPoSD76: Considering the post you made recently, I have to ask, what are your preferred pronouns, and what was that all about?

Sire Williamson: Yes, well that is to be expected. My preferred pronouns are sire or eminent/eminence. Those may sound ridiculous, but sire is simply another way of saying I have fathered children, and eminent simply means one of prominence, fame or infamy. I think you understand why that last one applies.¬†Especially now. Both have well established history in the English language, which is more than I can say for some other people’s preferred pronouns. As for what is all about, well it is about equality. One of the criteria for a law to be just, is that it must be applied equally to all, without regard to race, creed, or gender identity. I’m paraphrasing there a bit, but C-16 amended the charter of rights to include identity. Those rights can not apply to only the LGBTQIA2+ that agree with the lobby groups, but to all LGBTQIA2+. I am a provably intersex person, and the law only requires self identification.

CPoSD76: So would you prefer I use those pronouns going forward?

Sire Williamson: No, for the purposes of this conversation that is not necessary, but I would ask that in anything published you use them appropriately.

CPoSD76: Thank you for clearing that up. The burning question now is, why didn’t you respond to CHAT’s request to do an interview?

Sire Williamson: Quite simply, I don’t work for them. I have a life, a family, and a job, and I don’t answer to their beck and call, nor am I accountable to them. They have my contact information from previous conversations, and despite their claim that they e-mailed me personally, I have received (as of the time of the conversation) no such e-mail. Frankly, they went about it in a totally unprofessional manner. Contacting anyone who has ever sneezed in my direction, from my Pastor, to my friends, to concerned parents who had nothing to do with the story. They told no one what the story was about, and wanted me to call THEM. The whole thing smelt of an ambush to me, and I guess I was right. The message that was sent to the concerned parents was the only one that even hinted at what the topic might be, and I was not about to drop everything and run to CHAT to help them in a hit piece. The fact that they used an employee whom I am friends with on facebook to get me to give them my personal e-mail again strikes me as particularly appalling. I will state it again, still got no e-mail on my personal address. Am I really to believe that they could contact all these other people, and try to get them to violate privacy law, but they could not send an e-mail to me?

CPOSD76: Did you have any idea that this accusation was coming?

Sire Williamson: Not in the slightest. Sure the School Board has expressed some dislike for some of the things I have said before, but never have they suggested I defamed them. They have accused me of disrespecting them, but that isn’t a crime. I have never received any letters or requests from their legal council on anything I have said. Well, besides what was presented during the petition appeal. Lets not forget that just last year when the board shut down recording of public meetings, they publicly accused me of tampering with video to make them look bad, and used that as an excuse to implement their ban policy. An accusation that I have recorded on tape, and I can easily prove to be false. I even tried to work things out with the board on that, but they didn’t want to talk about it.

CPoSD76: What are you saying? That the Board defamed you?

Sire Williamson: Well, yes and no. Yes I may have ground to accuse the board of defamation, but I don’t want to, and that is not my point. My point is, this whole thing is petty. What kind of a society do we live in, where anyone who criticizes a policy needs to be punished by the powerful? That is the kind of behaviour you would have expected to see in East Germany, or North Korea. This whole situation shows the sad state of affairs our province is in, and only proves my point that I have repeatedly stated, that Alberta Ed is operating under a culture of fear and threat. They can’t prove there methods empirically, so they have to oppress any dissidence. Besides all this, I think CHAT and NDP shock troops have more to do with this than the Board does.

CPoSD76: What do you mean CHAT and shock troops had more to do with this?

Sire Williamson:¬† Well, if you recall, James Wood at CHAT wrote a piece about Mrs. Prince to create ‘controversy’ out of two near identical tweets from NDP front groups. A similar thing happened just hours prior to the release of CHAT’s story. The CPoSD76 facebook group was inundated with new requests to join, but several people were clearly tied to ‘diversity’ groups and the NDP. Even had a request come in from the Communications Director for Southern Alberta Health Services. What he has to do with this is unknown to me. The fact that the board told me nothing of their ‘concerns’ over the post prior to the CHAT story, indicates to me that CHAT wanted to stir the pot again, and was encouraging the board to send the post up to Edmonton. Plus, it was James Wood who called my Pastor.

CPoSD76: Are you suggesting that CHAT is another of these NDP front groups?

Sire Williamson: I can’t make that statement definitively, but there are a lot of interesting coincidences. I can say that CHAT seems to have issues with getting the whole story, and portraying the facts accurately. It appears to me at least, that they don’t just engage in reporting the news, but also manufacturing it. It also appears to me that the NDP will do anything to silence those that disagree with them. Even if it means making something up. Doesn’t come off as very tolerant, and looks a lot like bullying.

CPoSD76: What are you going to do next? Do you plan on responding to CHAT?

Sire Williamson: As far as CHAT goes, that bridge is thoroughly burnt. Only communication I will have with them going forward is through a lawyer. As for the article and the accusation, I’m consulting with legal council on the matter. My focus right now is on holding the board accountable to the agreement that was made in court, and seeing the petition accepted. I’ll be posting more on that myself soon.

CPoSD76: Well, thank you Jeremy for sharing with us. Hope things work out.

Sire Williamson: Your welcome. Any time.

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