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PRIDE goes before destruction: The fall of principles.

(Picture is of the Calgary Sexual Health [CSH] Center float in the PRIDE parade. CSH is the same organization that is fighting to impose Bill-24 against parents, regardless of the risks and harm to children that they themselves facilitate and enable.)

Recently, I came across a facebook post about a United Conservative Party (UCP) ‘PRIDE’ Event that was being hosted because the UCP were forbidden by the LGBT™ from participating in the LGBT™ proper events. I’ve not seen many people on the right talk about this, and I think we should be. I’ve postponed working on the next episode of ESP to discuss this, as one, it is relevant, and two, it is critical at this junction in Alberta politics.

The UCP’s decision to hold their own pride event, because they were forbidden from participating with the LGBT™ is divisive, foolish, & cowardly. And here is why:

Now, I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for writing this. Not just from the LGBT™, but from political circles, and probably even religious circles, but I want to point out first, I know every PRIDE event is different. Some are less scandalous than others. What I am talking about is the over-arching them of PRIDE. The purpose and intent in general. I’m talking about the events by the corporation of LGBT PRIDE. That is why I use the ™ character when I refer to the LGBT™. After all PRIDE is just the propaganda arm of the LGBT™.

1. PRIDE is about lewd debauchery:

Lets get right into it. PRIDE is about exposing sex and sexuality to the public. It is public indecency. Look at the photo I chose for this post, (I know, not very pleasant,)  that is the primary intent of PRIDE events. To get out in front and shove explicit sexual behaviour and content onto the public and demand that the public allow and support it.

Stop with the downcast gaze of shame, and LOOK. That photo is a relatively mild float for the PRIDE parade. And that is the Calgary Sexual Health Center, which is supposed to be a ‘children’s’ service in Calgary. They have people dressed likes penises and vagina. How is that not lewd and debasing? How is it helpful to children to see people dancing around in genitalia costumes?

The worst part is, that float is one of the better pictures I found from the Calgary PRIDE parade, and the Calgary PRIDE parade is generally considered a ‘tamer’ parade than say Toronto or Vancouver. I found one photo of Calgary ‘bears’ wearing BDSM gear. This is a parade with little kids watching. There are parades in Canada and the U.S. where men go around nearly nude, nude, or with assless-chaps, and engage in acting out anal sex, on the floats. These parades are so bad that the CBC had to write a PSA, to try and justify the child abuse that happens.

Why would UCP members want to associate their new party with that kind of debauchery? What benefit to the people does it serve, other than saying the UCP core believe is hedonism (even the CPC PSA admits that the point is screaming LGBT™ ‘values’)? If the UCP thinks they are not demeaning themselves by having their own event, then frankly, they’re stupid. You are no more going to be able to reclaim PRIDE, than ‘slut walks’ have reclaimed ‘slut’.

2. PRIDE supports child abuse, and the grooming and corruption of children:

I touched on this briefly in point one, but besides abusing the children that attend parades with gratuitous displays of indecency, PRIDE supports child trangenderism, which is nothing short of child sexual abuse and pedophilia.

John Money the ‘father’ of transgenderism sexually abused the children he experimented on, and made them pose and imitate sexual positions and acts. The twins he committed these abuse acts on, both committed suicide.

Alfred Kinsey, another ‘father’ of sexual studies forced his workers to molest infants, and had many of his young case studies masturbate for him. He also had correspondence with an actual Nazi, where they discussed how to cover their work, and keep people from knowing about what they really did. Kinsey’s primary thesis was that we are born sexual beings, and should not try to stop it, even among infants and toddlers. Ie. Kinsey was a pedophile.

PRIDE has also directly awarded people like Kristopher Wells, whom you can hear me talk about repeatedly on this site. A man I personally think should be on the sex offender list for his exposing kids to pornography, and his homosexual ‘camps’ where parents are forbidden. As I mentioned in an earlier episode of ESP, PRIDE gave an award to Rob Wells, a man convicted of stunt driving, and was just recently witnessed trying to intimidate a 7 year old.

PRIDE in Ontario symbolizes the ripping apart of families, ironically, under the guise of the child abuse of refusing to abuse your child. It symbolizes ‘the sex abuse ed’ of child rapist Benjamin Levin. In Oregon, it symbolizes the effective kidnapping for ransom of 15 year old girls, with the support of teachers, the school boards, and the courts.

Why would the UCP want to associate with a movement who’s primary history is child abuse? I thought government was supposed protect it’s people from abuse, assault, rape, and molestation, not endorse and promote it. The UCP should wash their hands of anything PRIDE, and just say “No thank you, we don’t even want your vote if you support child abuse.”


3. PRIDE is racist and bigoted:

Currently, there two definitions of “Racism” out there:

First, the one that everyone knows, and grew up with,  has an established cultural and social understanding of, and was not forced by fiat to be the meaning; that is that racism is the (oft-times irrational) believe by an identity group that they are superior to all other identity groups because of an immutable feature of that identity group. Such as skin color or place of birth.

PRIDE fits this definition because the LGBT™ believe that their sexual preference, transexual identity, and understanding of ‘gender’ is immutable. They believe that you are born homosexual or trans, (despite no genetic markers or evidence to support this,) and that there is no other understanding of gender that is acceptable. Even going so far as to say that their understanding of gender “transcends human understanding.” (See the peer-reviewed published paper by the trans-hippo.)

They believe these beliefs make them better, more virtuous, neigh superior to those who do not believe them, and the PRIDE events are their displays of this belief system, which they wish to force upon everyone else. (More on that in point 4.) You need only replace the phrase “LGBT PRIDE” with “White Pride” to see this.

The Second definition; which has no cultural acceptance, understanding, or common use, which has been forced via fiat by powers such as the New York Times, and is only really accepted within identity groups that feel they have ‘superior’ understanding of all things, such as academia, or elitists, is thus: Racism is prejudice + power.

PRIDE also fits this definition in every sense. The LGBT™ are demonstrably prejudice against anyone who disagrees with them. As seen by the harassment of any individual or agency who opposes them. In the first Masterpiece Cake Shop suit that went all the way to the supreme court of the United States, even said as much. That the Human Rights commission showed gross prejudice in their ruling against Masterpiece.

It is also clear that the LGBT™ and their PRIDE events have all the power. Again, look at the human rights commissions, the C-16 laws, the Universities that threaten students that say anything, Bill-10, and Bill-24. They have all the government’s full support. Then they also have legal institutions like the SPLC and ACLU. Millions in eager dollars to crucify anyone that dares to say anything. The recent supreme court ruling on Trinity Western, (along with the leader of the Ontario NDP,) even said that the LGBT™ rights are superior to all others. If that isn’t proof of power, then nothing is.

They are the racist bigoted oppressors, by their own definition! There is no need for PRIDE, there isn’t a single law in the west that oppresses or victimizes any of the LGBT™

Isn’t the UCP trying to distance themselves from racists and bigots? Are they not trying to ‘re-brand’ themselves as ‘big tent’, inclusive, and tolerant. Why are they trying to pander to a racist bigoted segment of society by associating with PRIDE events?

4. PRIDE is anti-democratic and tyrannical:

PRIDE is an oppressive tyranny, that will not tolerate any other system. If you have not noticed this, you have been living on Jupiter. Bill-10 and Bill-24 are supreme examples of this. No honest consultation or debate was even had on either of them. Despite Jason Kenney’s claim that Bill-10 was the will of the people with less than 4 hours of discussion on the matter, it was just a bunch of out of touch elitist MLAs who wanted to feel good about themselves. (MLAs that I remind you were booted at the next available opportunity.) They were both self-righteous Bills designed specifically to take away your rights and subjugate you and your children into obedience.

The LGBT™ are an incredible minority, that is not being oppressed, that have forced their control over the majority. Democracy is about majority rule, with checks and balances to prevent the tyranny of the majority and the minority. PRIDE celebrates denigrating the majority values of Canadians, and then goes so far to punish that majority for not complying. They don’t even care if the majority out votes them. | They just do what they want anyway. | Law and morality be damned.

The UCP first annual general meeting (AGM) had this on full display. The majority of the UCP clearly supported family values, but a minority of influential people attempted to brow beat the values of the assembly into accepting that which they did not. Thankfully they didn’t, but on that one vote, you can clearly see the affects of minority tyranny on the vote. This was further exemplified by the mob of media tyrants demanding that the leader of the party recant and condemn the views of the majority. Clearly, the LGBT™ and their media pets did not like democracy in action.

Why does the UCP want to repeat this, and associate with anti-democratic voices?

5. PRIDE will never welcome the UCP anyway:

You can’t build a bridge between fire and water. There is no bridge between PRIDE and the UCP. Just look at what PRIDE supporters have written about the UCPs attempt to have their own PRIDE event. They know there is no bridge. They know there is no compatibility.

The UCP crawling on their knees and kissing the feet of PRIDE multiple times in an attempt to be invited is frankly, pathetic. It makes the UCP look weak and impotent. It looks like Fildebrandt going and starting the Freedom Conservative Party. Immature and obstinate.

The irony is not lost on me, but show some real pride UCP. Kick off the filth from your clothes, stand tall, and just say, “We are fine without you. PRIDE stands for things that are antithetical to the principles of the majority of our party, and we are not ashamed of that. Good day.     I said GOOD DAY!”

6. PRIDE is not supported by the majority of Albertans, or the UCP

This is a simple fact. Stockholm or battered wife syndrome is not support. It is simply a state of apathy, an attempt to prevent as many beatings and abuse as possible. That is where most Albertans are. They are in a constant state of fear. They just want the beatings to stop, and they will literally vote or say whatever they need to, to survive. Fortunately with the UCP the voting members have stood their ground and said in a 70-90% majority, that enough is enough, and the LGBT™ oppressors have had their day. When the election finally roles around, I have faith that the majority of Albertans will reclaim their courage, and stand up to the abusers.

Right now, it is up to that UCP majority of members to put their foot down, and tell the leadership and those weaker members that the UCP is healthier and freer without PRIDE. The majority needs to protect the weaker minority who are faltering and trying to go back to their abusive partners. For their own good, the majority needs to stop the minority.

So what do we do?

Well, lets stop pretending that PRIDE has any value. It is valueless. What value is it teaching ‘society’ or our children? To engage in violent sexual activity with your peers? That sex is the greatest achievement of mankind? That the purpose of life is sex? That your worth is in the type of sex you have?

For my religious readers, pride is one of the most commonly condemned sins in the Bible. There is a reason it made the ‘seven deadly sins.’ So stop acting like PRIDE is a virtuous thing. God despises pride, and frequently brings those who revel in it low. Reminding them of just how insignificant their ‘pride’ is, in the grand scheme of things.

With the recent exposure of a long running scandal in the Catholic church that saw over 300 priests molesting and raping over 1000 children, and it being deliberately covered up to protect the church and homosexual pride from taking a hit, we see the need to weed out PRIDE from the UCP, before it takes root. Sure we may lose a few votes from ignorant allies, but in the long run, the UCP will be a less corrupt, principled, and stable party.

This is how I think you should handle this:

1. Sign the petition I made over at change.org saying that you will boycott the UCP PRIDE event, for the reasons I’ve specified here. ‘Change’ petitions are useless, as far having power in and of  themselves, but if thousands of Albertans sign a petition saying they will engage in a boycott, that has power. A name among thousands on a petition isn’t going to get you a beating from the LGBT™, so you are safe on that account.

2. Contact your UCP candidate/MLA and let them know you would rather throw your vote at the FCP than for the support of the promotion of depraved obscenity. Think you don’t have the courage for that? Just think about what you would say if the UCP was hosting it’s own Slut Walk on a Sunday. PRIDE is the same thing. Again, you are safe from LGBT™ abuse/backlash unless your MLA/candidate is corrupt and spreads your name around. And in any case, if they are corrupt, then at least you have exposed that.

3. Boycott any business that supports PRIDE. Again just think of the things that PRIDE represents and supports. PRIDE is an atrocity against human dignity and children’s innocence. Any business that is too lazy to look at what PRIDE really represents, doesn’t deserve your dollars. Don’t go out and harass that business, or attack them on social media. Just stop shopping there, and if someone asks you to patronize them, or you learn that they support PRIDE while you are there, (pay what you owe,) calmly explain that you will not support them unless they change, and move on. Don’t make a scene. Don’t rant. Just stop patronizing.

This is the hardest one. There are a lot of business that have forced support of PRIDE on us. Financial Institutions for instance. We can’t keep our ‘credit’ in our mattress. I understand you need things like that, but do you best to minimize your patronizing. If at all possible get the product or service from somewhere that doesn’t support pride. If they offer you a product or service that is not needed, explain that support of pride is why you choose to live without that product or service.

If you have made it this far, you have either gotten a sore neck from all the agreeing nods, or you have reinforced the rampart and put the heat to the tar for my forthcoming feathering. Either way, I appreciate that you read what I wrote. I hope you take it to heart, and try to apply my suggestions.

We are at an impasse in our culture and politics. We either take a stand for truth and righteousness, or cave to lies and evil. We will never recover as a province as long as we continue to reject truth in favor of appeasement. Our economy will crumble, our crops will fail and our people will starve, and our lives will be forfeit to the fancy of our fiefs in the LGBT™-government coalition.

Joshua 24:15 English Standard Version (ESV [adapted for Canada])

15 And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the [the Atlantic], or the gods of the [LGBT] in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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C.P.O.S. – Orate: Objective Truth, Educating, and Changing Minds

“Orate” is the third in a series of 4 posts about the Concerned Parents of SD76 C.P.O.S. plan going forward. In case you missed the first and second, you can read Create and Protect by clicking on their titles.

I’m a couple weeks later than I was planning on this one. In general I try to keep to a schedule of how I post, but I also need to keep watch of the ebb and flow what is going on in culture. In the two years since I’ve started doing this, writing things for public view, I’ve noticed that their are opportune moments to share about any given topic. I’ve also come to understand what writers block and inspiration really are. Something I’ve never really comprehended before.

In preparation for writing about what the “Orate” prong of the plan was all about, I decided I should make sure I orate it very well. As the day approached for my intended post, I was at a loss as to how to open it. How to really hit home the importance of this prong of the plan, and what the CPoSD76 were doing about it. Then Michael Knowles released this video through PragerU, and I had it. Please watch/listen to it in it’s entirety, and then continue on with this post. It’s less than 5 minutes of your time.

Did you watch/listen to it? I mean it. All of it. It is important, for the rest of this post, and for understanding the “Orate” prong of the plan. OK, I believe you. I have faith that your attention span is long enough to get to the heart of what I’m saying. Can I make one more request of you? Keep track of how many times and at what you scoff, or roll your eyes at in what I write. It’s relevant.

Equality of the ‘commoner’ is so deeply ingrained in their thinking, that they think of you as being on par with the extreme minority of parents who are abjectly abusive morons.

Were you slightly offended by my previous paragraph? It’s OK if you were. I didn’t mean to insult or offend, but it was intentional. I needed you to be incited enough to pay attention. That is how officials see you though. They think of you as too stupid or lazy to bother concerning yourself with the issues of the day. Informed Public vs.  Mass Population. Politicians, bureaucrats, administrations, friends, acquaintances, associates. They have all thought this, or said it (behind closed doors.) I too have thought this at times, though I tell myself that those people are fewer in number than the stereotype makes it out to be. You may be saying to yourself, “no, I don’t think they believe that.”

Do you remember Mitt Romney saying that 47% of Americans are lazy moochers? The number of people in positions who have said something similar to me, or in my presence would shock you. The Evidence is all around you. You’re to dumb to be trusted to get help breast feeding your children, so we have to have government programs to show you, and the school district should be in charge of that. After all, early learning is crucial to proper child development. Can’t be trusted to do that at home yourself though, got to have day care and pre-school programs, again run by the government, to make sure they get the “skin on skin” and “social skills” that they would never get from the negligent (publicly educated) philistine parents at home. Worst one of all, you can’t know your kids are ‘trans’ or homosexual, and they must be sent to a secret government sex club, because you are more likely to beat them with jumper cables as backward bigoted hicks, than guide them as compassionate, caring, mature adult parents. Do you see just how low of an opinion of you they have? Equality of the ‘commoner’ is so deeply ingrained in their thinking, that they think of you as being on par with the extreme minority of parents who are abjectly abusive morons.

Propaganda is never about what is best, it is about manipulation and power.

At this point you are questioning how this is going to tie into “Orate.” Well, here is the connection: How do they orate with you? How do they communicate their intentions, their policies. What words do they use? How do they use them? How have you understood them?

Deep down, subconsciously, they know the masses are not as stupid as they are made out to be. They know that their agendas and intent would never fly, if they communicated, or ‘orated’ them using plane language that everyone understood. They must twist and subvert, lie and deceive. They must propagandize. Did you know that the Nazis and the Soviets had official branches of government, wholly dedicated to this art of deception? North Korea has painted store fronts to deceive visitors into thinking that they have a thriving economy. Propaganda is never about what is best, it is about manipulation and power.

I’m  reminded of a scene from an early episode of “The Simpsons,” where an alien monster has inhabited the body of Bill Clinton, in order to become President. During a debate ‘Kang’ says:

“My fellow Americans, as a young boy I to dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward. Upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.”

Afterward the crowd showers him with adulation. Great for a chuckle, but the reality of the nonsense being spewed in politics and culture is not all that dissimilar, and to our utter shame, perfectly applicable to today. Today you can be a baseball, as long as you identify as such, and everyone must affirm it. We truly are twirling upward, not forward in our thinking, in a dizzying psychoses of freedom, defined through slavery. Which, by the way is how that episode ends. With the enslavement of humanity under the aliens.

The “Orate” prong is all about, unpacking and revealing the deceptions replete in today’s politics and culture, that are being poured into education.

This is what the “Orate” prong is all about, unpacking and revealing the deceptions replete in today’s politics and culture, that are being poured into education. The hope is to open a few eyes, draw awareness, and maybe even change a few minds, or understandings of what is actually going on. What is the actual end game.

Throughout my writings, musings, or rants, however you choose to perceive them, it has been my goal to give you objective truth. Aside from trying to ‘activate’ you, as they say, I have not been trying to manipulate you into thinking like me. Yes, I’ve said some startling things. Yes, I’ve been course, and yes, I’ve maybe not done it in the most affective way, or you have taken it in a way I did not intend, but it has always been with the hope of making education better for our children, protecting them from harm, and revealing the objective truth.

I will always welcome honest criticism and feedback on what I write, and as the primary voice for the Concerned Parents of SD76, I understand the gravity of the words I use on perceptions of the group as a whole, and so I welcome feedback, and corrections. One thing I will never change or apologize for though is the truth.

In conclusion, the “Orate” prong of the plan is to continue to write and share important info with you on this site. To set up public events in which specific topics can be unpacked and discussed. To educate the public on the rhetoric being used against them to both placate and agitate,  and to indoctrinate. So please read up on what is available here, as well as, I highly recommend unsafeschools.ca. What is written there will educate you to some of the true motives and intentions of the actions taken by Alberta Education.

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