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I don’t want to say I told you so….but

I did. When speaking to James Wood from CHAT News on September 29th, 2017.

“[Eggen] seems to be on an agenda to exclude parents from knowing what their kids are doing at school,” said Williamson.
“That’s a violation of the U.N Charter of Human Rights. Parents have a prior right to choose the education for their children. Canada is a signatory on that charter, so to go back, independently as Alberta, and say parents no longer have a prior right to know, I think it will probably get challenged. He might pass laws, but it wouldn’t be very long before they got challenged in court.”

RELEASE: Parents and schools to launch court challenge to constitutionality of Alberta’s Bill 24

Link to full copy of Bill-24

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While I’m on the subject of Liars…

Well, that was quite a weekend. I write a post proving Notley is a liar, (and not a very good one,) and putting the bed the idea that GSAs are for anything besides sex talks, and bam the website explodes with clicks. You don’t write legislation exempting GSAs from the parental right to opt out their children from sexual material, unless…well, you intend on having sexual materials in the GSAs. Basic logic. Though basic logic seems to be taking a back burner to feelings these days.

Friday’s post went viral. I say that, but there isn’t really a metric for saying something went viral. I base that on my own metric of the average hits this site gets, vs the number of hits it has gotten since Friday. Facebook hilariously says that the article had an abysmal reach of ~350 people. I don’t know how Facebook counts, but the articles clicks was in the thousands on the website counter. In fact, it had so many clicks, it outpaced the lifetime clicks of any of the other articles/posts in the lifetime of the site. Mind you, that isn’t very long. The CPoSD76 website has not even gotten to it’s first anniversary yet. It has only been around for about 8 months.

I know, I’m not the one that determines if something ‘goes viral.’ The media is right? Well, the bar was set pretty low, when 2 tweets by a couple of NDP twitter eggs who were triggered by a Wildrose constituency president Facebook post warranted a province wide ‘controversy.’ Friday’s post got 20 times the clicks the CPoSD76 post about the controversy did.

So why am I saying all this? Well, for one, as of last Sunday evening, the CPoSD76 website has had over 200,000 pairs of eye come to the site. That is no small thing for an 8 month old website. So woot! Thanks for paying attention. Tell your friends. Hey, tell your enemies! I’m sure a good portion of those clicks are not from people who support what the Concern Parents do. I know we have received a few not so fan e-mails.

Secondly, this post is about the liars. The liars that are all around us. I may be just speaking from my own interpretation here, but I think people are sick of the lies. They have had it up to the gills with the Orwellian PC speak, (which they know is there,) and they flock to sites that have people that are willing to say what they mean, and mean what they say.

It would be remiss of me to stand up here on my digital soap box and act like I’ve never lied before. I would be lying if I said I’ve never lied. I am ashamed, and sorry for each and every one of them, but don’t start rubbing your hands together in preparation for my ‘big confession.’ I’m not talking about any lies I’ve told to you. I take lying quite seriously, and as I’ve said in previous postings, I swore before God and under penalty of law for everything I stated in court, so ya, that is all the truth. I’ve never knowingly lied about anything I posted on here or the equivalent facebook page. I never lied during the election campaign. So why am I saying all this? Well, for one if you find anything I’ve posted, and you think it is a lie, or misleading, point it out to me, and I’ll explain or correct it. But also I’m not in a position of authority, or responsible for the protection of anyone in your family, and when someone in one of those positions knowingly lies to you, that is a serious problem. When someone with “Trustee” in their title lies to you, that should be a game stopper to you.

Over the course of the last couple of years, there have been a few lies told to the public by the Board of SD76, or one or more of it’s members, but I’m only going to go into the doozies, the ones I can prove. Before that though, let my define what I consider a lie, or lying:

A lie is when a statement is made with the intention of deceiving the hearer/reader into thinking that a false statement is true, or has a meaning other than it’s true meaning; This can be done through omission of relevant information, addition of incorrect or irrelevant information, exaggeration, or from having a meaning or context for words or phrases that is different from the typical and widely understood meaning or context of the words or phrases. This deception in most cases would be done intentionally, but can also occur when at first it was done unintentionally, but the speaker/reader refuses to correct their statements when presented with evidence of their errancy.

I’ll begin with the most glaring:

  • The Board is following the law with 621 & 622.
    This one is the most obvious. Over the past several months the Board of SD76 has been telling the public that they were only following the law with 621 & 622, and it had to be worded the way it was. This was alluded to in a report by Freeman when 622 was amended. Riley gave quite a lecture about the law and privacy, to which I responded on this site with quotes from the laws, and Massini spoke of it on at least one occasion to CHAT news. Most recently Wilson-Fraser stated they were following the law to CHAT news during the 2017 election campaign. I and several of the concerned parents informed the Board that the policy was not in fact following any law, but a command from Minister Eggen that violated the Family Law Act, Bill 10 (Alberta School Act), Alberta Bill of Rights, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
    On Novermber 4th Rick Massini said to Medicine Hat News “I am glad to see there is something formal in place to protect them,” when speaking about Bill 24 and the proposed changes to the School Act. Basic Logic would dictate, that if the Board really believed they were following the law with 621 & 622, than there would be no need to add something “formal in place.” Policy is not Law, can never supersede or override the law, and it is evident that the Board knew there was no law in place to keep information on children’s activities private from parents.
  • The Guidelines to Best Practices are not being implemented in SD76
    During a meeting regarding SD76s rejection of the amended petition, administration informed myself and 2 other witnesses representing concerned parents, that the ‘best practices’ were not being fully implemented in SD76, and that no board in Alberta has fully implemented them. (Apparently the Calgary Board of Education is not a Board in Alberta.) This is despite the fact that 622 is written the way it is, and the procedures that accompany it are based of the Guidelines. This is also despite the fact that Superintendent Mark Davidson spoke at the end of the May Public meeting at Crescent Height High School (CHHS) about how bathrooms were going to be handled in SD76 in line with the guidelines. This is despite the fact that every school in the district has had to develop a procedure for transgender children and their bathroom ‘needs’. This is despite the fact that Ross Glen Elementary has fully embraced the Transgender ideology, and promoted a AHS ‘resource’ with factual errors in it as a “great resource.”
  • There Will be a town Hall
    This is one of the earliest I encountered, and can be primarily attributed to Terry Riley, but the entire board has taken ownership of it, in it’s refusal to acknowledge that no Town Hall has been given. The Board is well aware of what parents expected from a “Town Hall,” and the promise was made no less than three times in one evening. Two of which are recorded on video.


As this is getting to be quite the novella, I’ll just list a few others I’ve noticed that are a bit nuanced, and I would be happy to explain if asked.

  • Children First (This is based on what people commonly think when they hear the phrase, vs the actions and statements of the Board and it’s members.)
  • The Board had three meetings with parents over 622 (Based on understanding of the word “meetings”)
  • There are no Contradictions in 622. (This has been written about extensively.)
  • The petition court costs were over $25,000.  (This one is a grey area, as no evidence has been provided to substantiate the claim, and thus I am left to base it on my own costs.)

Which of the current MHPSD Trustees believes that Public Education should be the only choice, and that Private/Home schooling is lowering educational standards and achievements?

  • Forbes (100%, 1 Votes)
  • Massini (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Wilson-Fraser (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Symmonds (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Freeman (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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To close this off, I’ll share with you a video of the real reason public education is failing, and it is not because of Privatization of Schools, or parents choosing to home school their children.


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Proof that Notley is a Liar, and Eggen wants to expose your children to sexual material

On Thursday, Eggen slapped out his “will someone not think of the gays!” legislation. Even calling it the Kenney bill. Claiming that his proposed legislation would protect children from those abusive intolerant parents that permeate every corner of society. Never giving factual information on numbers of students that are actually abused by their parents for their sexuality. Never defining what he considers abusive behaviour. Never actually reporting those situations to police or child services, (which is the law,) and believing every story shared with a dozen “FWD::”s in front of it. Facts, evidence, and the truth don’t fit into his narrative.

In fact, truth seems to be the biggest issue he and Notley have trouble with. We’ve been told for two years that GSA are supportive groups that save lives, but when it was discovered the the material at these ‘clubs’ was about pushing sexual fetishes, and a work around for the “opt out clause;” with materials that included how to have safe anal fisting sessions with your partner, pantyhose parties, and sponsoring of drag reading sessions, total silence from Eggen. Parents were rightly outraged.

Parents then rightly demanded that they be told if their child was attending these ‘sex ed’ clubs. Under section 50 of the Alberta School Act, parents had the right to opt their children out of ANY sexual material at school. Well, then the Eggen/Notley outrage machine respond, and said “you are wanting to out gays to their parents, you horrible human beings!” The preposterous absurdity of that argument was clearly evident in the very name of the sex clubs, “Gay Straight Alliance.” A name they now want to protect under the law.

(c) by adding the following after subsection (3):
(3.1) For greater certainty, the principal shall not prohibit or discourage students from choosing a name that includes “gay straight alliance” or “queer-straight alliance”.

Imagine if a Catholic group demanded that they be allowed to have a club in school called “The Salvation of Lost Souls,” and that name was forced without consent, by law, or else legal consequences would follow?

So after it was discovered that Albertan’s weren’t buying there thinly veiled cover over the sex clubs that had pornography, and how to pay for sex, as supportive ‘resources,’ they set their phasers to kill; got their media lapdogs to dig up the ‘proposed’ Catholic Sex Ed curriculum, cut and pasted sentences together in the Ministry of Truth editorial room, and screamed, through the premier herself, that Catholics want to teach Rape.

Wrapped up in the feigned outrage over a non-existent proposal within the Catholic curriculum, Notley her self said, AND I QUOTE: “Parents have the right — and they have had the right for a very, very long time — to pull their kids from curriculum and education around sexual health. And they will continue to have that right.”
She said that on October 24th. 10 days ago. She must think Albertan’s have exceptionally short memories, because yesterday, her Minister of Education tabled legislation that revokes that right, and proves without a shadow of a doubt that GSA’s are about instructing on sex.

From the proposed legislation:

9 Section 50.1 is amended by adding the following after subsection (3):
(4)For greater certainty, this section does not apply with respect to the establishment or operation of a voluntary student organization referred to in section 16.1 or the organizing or holding of an activity referred to in section 16.1.

7 Explanatory Notes
8 Exemption from section 45.1; application of investigation, inquiry provisions.
9 Section 50.1 presently reads:

50.1 (1) A board shall provide notice to a parent of a student where courses of study, educational programs or instructional aterials, or instruction or exercises, include subject-matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality.
(2) Where a teacher or other person providing instruction, eaching a course of study or educational program or using the instructional materials eferred to in subsection
(1) receives a written request signed by a parent of a student that the student be excluded from the instruction, course of study, educational program or use of instructional materials, the teacher or other person shall in accordance with the request of the parent permit the student, without academic penalty,
(a) to leave the classroom or place where the instruction, course of study or educational program is taking place or the instructional materials are being used for the duration of the part of the instruction, course of study or educational program, or the use of the instructional materials, that includes the subject-atter referred to in subsection (1), or 2

Section 16.1 presently reads:
16.1(1) If one or more students attending a school operated by a board request a staff member employed by the board for support to establish a voluntary student organization, or to lead an activity intended to promote a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects
diversity and fosters a sense of belonging, the principal of the school shall
(a) permit the establishment of the student organization or the holding of the activity at the school, and
(b) designate a staff member to serve as the staff liaison to facilitate the establishment, and the ongoing operation, of the student organization or to assist in organizing the activity.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), an organization or activity includes an organization or activity that promotes equality and non-discrimination with respect to, without limitation, race, religious belief, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, family status or sexual orientation, including but not limited to organizations such as 2
(d) by adding the following after subsection (5):
(6) The principal is responsible for ensuring that notification, if any, respecting a voluntary student organization or an activity referred to in subsection (1) is limited to the fact of the establishment of the organization or the holding of the activity.

If GSA’s are not about instructing on sex and sexuality, then there would be no need to exempt them from section 16.1. If parents continued to have the right to opt out their children from sexual instruction, than there would be no exceptions for GSAs. Let me remind you, that the GSAs and their ‘resources’ have been caught teaching about transgenderism to 5 year olds, that they have had dozens of links to sexually explicit material on the GSA network, and that they have handed out pamphlets on how to have safe anal fisting sessions. (Something literally impossible to do safely.)

This is what Eggen’s proposed legislation ACTUALLY produces. Children are being harmed, in real life cases.

This kind of legislation is a pedophiles dream! We already know that sexual predators seek out positions where they can enact their fantasies, and we know that secrecy is their best ally. Now all they have to do is volunteer to be the organizer of the GSA. No standards of criteria, or expertise necessary. It is demonstrably clear the GSAs are being used to promote sexuality, and sexual education, otherwise why would they be exempt from the requirement of allowing a parent to opt out their child? If GSAs are not a wing of Alberta Education, a ‘class’ if you will, than why must the schools provide a staff member to run the ‘club’? Make no mistake, Eggen intends to use GSAs as a way of teaching his and his buddy’s(Wells) idea of sexuality. And he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Full document of proposed legislation

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