An open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman requesting an investigation into Alberta Education.

Orate in action:

It’s all a little Fuzzy.

Canada's future is a little fuzzy, school policies are quite fuzzy, definitions are supper fuzzy, and moral standards are fuzzier than UHF, but don't worry. It's all to save the ones you love!

LGBT™ Experts are a Social Construct

I’m SHOCKED! That an LGBT™ study was a lie, SHOCKED I tell you!…..well not really. Everyone with a moments pause, and an IQ above 80 knew this, but “Dur my feels! You Bigots!”The thing is, this study had real consequences, and it was a scam from the beginning. It was studies like the one linked […]

Government Criminality

Where do I begin? It’s an honest question. There is just so much going on. The insanity, corruption, bigotry, it’s over 9000. Daily I read dozens of stories that just make you ask, “When is Jesus coming back?” “How long Lord, how long?” Even comedians who take a 1.5 month hiatus are coming back, and […]

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