An open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman requesting an investigation into Alberta Education.

Orate in action:

The 2019 Alberta Election

I hope you now understand how I come to a decision on who to vote for, and that what I've said might help you develop your own process for deciding who to vote for. Choosing who to vote for is not a simple task, and it should be given a great deal of thought. Your choice can affect generations of people coming after you, so please don't base your choice on feelings, fears, or promises. Give it a somber second thought.

It’s all a little Fuzzy.

Canada's future is a little fuzzy, school policies are quite fuzzy, definitions are supper fuzzy, and moral standards are fuzzier than UHF, but don't worry. It's all to save the ones you love!

LGBT™ Experts are a Social Construct

I’m SHOCKED! That an LGBT™ study was a lie, SHOCKED I tell you!…..well not really. Everyone with a moments pause, and an IQ above 80 knew this, but “Dur my feels! You Bigots!”The thing is, this study had real consequences, and it was a scam from the beginning. It was studies like the one linked […]

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