A litter box, and a hydrant for every bathroom...

A litter box, and a hydrant for every bathroom…

Yes, that sounds crass, but have you noticed how mental illness is being promoted as normal? In fact, anyone who calls it such is a hateful bigot? Well,

Now, you may be thinking, “Ha ha, don’t be silly, this is obviously a mental illness. Obviously the person needs psychological help. Quit ‘scare mongering.'” Well, let me warn you, to laugh is to be a bigot. How long ago was it that the idea that a 6 year old boy was trapped in a girls body was ludicrous? A year? Two?

I’ll let you know a little something about my self…..I’m a geek. A nerd. Little known fact, I’ve attended comic expos, and have an unhealthy amount of videos games. As a kid, I went out in public wearing a Star Trek uniform. (I know about bullying.) You may ask me, “What does that have to do with Furries?” Well, you see, I’ve met a few furries. I’ve engaged in conversations with them, even been exposed to their culture via some of the video game sub cultures. And you know what is interesting about that?

Though many of them simply suffer from social anxiety, as is all to common among us geek folk, (and putting on a fur suite alleviates that anxiety,) quite a few of them suffer from species disphoria. The believe that they are X species born into a body from Y species. Now I know that sounds ridiculous, but their is no less evidence for being born in the wrong species than there is for being born the wrong gender.

And just as the homosexual lifestyle, and gender identity continues to get pushed on younger and younger children, so too will trans-species. Where is the C-16 or Bill 10 for children who identify as a dog, a cat, a dragon, or a unicorn? This is not harsh, or belittling. This is ‘truth’ as has been presented to us, and if you believe that a trans kid needs special protection from bullying, how much more so do you think a child who thinks they are a pony will need? I’m not saying I advocate for this, but if one believes that a person can be born the wrong gender, than one must believe in being born the wrong species. You must provide a hydrant, a litter box, and a bed of hay in every bathroom, or your a bigot.

At this point, reason has fled, and we are left with only chaos.

California Woman identifies as a Mermaid.

Man Identifies as Alian.

Woman Identifies as a Cat.

Man Identifies as a Dog.

Man Identifies as a Dragon Lady.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

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