UPDATE: Less than a week until court decision!

UPDATE: Less than a week until court decision!

This Thursday the 13th of April, Justice Tilleman will render his decision on the petition appeal. I want to express my thanks to everyone that has been contributing to the work of the CPoSD76. I would ask that all those that were collecting signatures since March 10th, to bring them by the Yard Sale at Crossroads Church on Friday from 5-7, or Saturday 9-3. We will get them counted and sorted, and make sure all the affidavit’s are in order. An appointment for getting your witness affidavit notarized will be given upon drop off of the signatures. There is no charge for the notarization if done through our appointment time.

You may recall that we needed an additional 110 signatures, and there were a further 269 with postal code issues. I’m confident that we have gotten more than 110, but I need full accurate counts to present to the justice on Thursday. So please, bring by any you have collected. Plus, you can shop the yard sale, or drop off items for sale. Win win.

I will be at the yard sale both this evening and tomorrow, and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you have not signed the petition, and wish to do so, you will be able to at the yard sale. Tell your friends, neighbours, and anyone will listen. This leg of the journey to being included as the primary care takers in our children’s education is nearly at an end, and we must continue to run the race with perseverance.

Hope to see all of you Thursday Morning at 9AM!

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