Shout Out to all of you who like to Ride Iron!

Shout Out to all of you who like to Ride Iron!

I am putting out a call to all those who ride and are able to appear in front of the Medicine Hat Court of Queens Bench: Thursday @8:30 am. To show your support of the Concerned Parents of SD76… If you want to stand up for parents and kids this is a great opportunity be show solidarity!

This is a group of Parents that have tried for over a year to have a meeting with the School Board concerning Procedure changes that were done behind closed doors in a private session..and for over a year have been denied!
The parents have had to take the School Board before the Court to insist that 2000 signatures that were gathered COUNT as voices of parents who want to talk.
NOW.. This Thursday Parents, and those who are willing to stand for the parents to be granted the RIGHT to meet and address their concerns to the SD76, will be gathering outside the Court Of Queen’s Bench in Medicine Hat.

Paid Activists have shown up before and like to intimidate supporters and create fear and chaos.
School is out that day, so there will be parents who will bring their children.

Your sheer presence will ANNOUNCE to those who would want to disrupt or bully, that such actions will NOT be tolerated.
If there is ONE thing those who ride command…IT IS RESPECT!

It says to those attending;
There will be NO Bullying
There will be NO intimidation
We have your back and we are watching!

We are currently working on reserving a chunk of parking for all of you who Ride down.

I am hoping we can make this happen! Please let me know if you are able to attend so I can get an approximate count for parking purposes.

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