Residential Schools, and lessons from history.

Residential Schools, and lessons from history.

The message from Maureen Prince today was simple. Include Parents. This is critical to a democratic and successful society. The family is the very bedrock of any healthy society. It is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi that he said, β€œThe measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.”

Our children are our weakest members, and across Canada, right down to our local school boards, our society is seeking to exploit our children. Right now, procedures exist in Alberta schools that write out parents, and treat our children as property of the state. Here in Medicine Hat a teacher must report any child seen violating the districts ‘code of conduct’, no matter where it happens, or face disciplinary action. This expands a teachers fiduciary duty far beyond reason, or that of even a police officer. An authority schools don’t have, and should never have.

School District 76 drafted a motion last year for the ASBA that asked to have school districts assigned to children at birth. When asked what that looked like, the trustees could not provide the details. Education Minister David Eggen bullied out a command that schools MUST keep critical developmental information about our children secret from the parents. Information of a sexual nature. One of, if not THE most intimate aspect of a child’s life. Not allowed to tell parents. What other group likes to tell children to keep sexual topics secret? (Hint: Ask any victim of sexual abuse. There are windows on class room doors for a reason.)

These kinds of actions are part of a pattern. The future for Alberta can be seen as close as Ontario, and their Bill 89. The protections for our children are being stripped away and the parents are being shut out. The ‘state’ is seeking to take possession and control of our children. Where have we seen that in history, and how did it turn out?

Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Mao’s China. All of which seized control of the children’s education, shut the parents out, and indoctrinated them into horrible murderous ideologies. But those are all examples from far off lands, so lets look to something closer to home. Let’s remember the residential schools.

The residential schools did exactly what the Alberta NDP and Ontario Liberals are trying to do now. They seized control of aboriginal children, stuck them in forced government sanctioned education, and removed all parental oversight and protection from sexual predators. I guess our government subscribes to the “do the same thing over and over again until you get the result you want,” perception of reality. A year ago, I even mentioned the parallel with the residential schools to the Board of SD76, but I guess they couldn’t see it.

But I’m not an aboriginal, nor have I lived through the trauma that was so many of the residential schools, so don’t take my word for it, hear from someone who lived it. Hear why family needs to be included.

Yet, here we are. Trying to educate our educators on why their educational plan is flawed, and will lead to the harm of our children. Here we are being called bigots and etc-phobics. I’ve been asked today what is so concerning? Well the state seizing our kids, and putting them at risk is pretty concerning. There is some great irony that the Alberta legislature was talking about the hard fought battle of Vimy Ridge, to stop tyranny, on the same day that a parent had to remind the government to not tyrannically exclude parents from the education and care of their children.

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