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LIVE with Former City Alderman Cathy Smith.

She is a tireless advocate fighting for Family. She is a Board Member of Real Women of Canada fighting for Life, Family and Freedoms.

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Find out where the candidates stand on Parental Involvement and Family!

Concerned Parents will be updating shortly with an election guide. If you would like to see a Parent focused all candidates forum we need YOUR help. Please Contact Us.

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Age appropriate?



I shouldn’t have to do that for a video geared to 8 year olds, but such is the times we live in.



This is a Sex-Ed video from Norway deemed appropriate for Age 8 Kids. I will give you a TRIGGER WARNING NOW. Frankly I hope it offends & disgusts you. Maybe it will move you into ACTION here in Alberta and realize the bottom feeder global progressive sex crap little kiddos are having to sift through and make sense of around the globe. It’s a GOOD thing to stick our nose inside the classroom and have a SAY. Let’s make it our business to know all angles of content and curriculum. When was the last time you cracked open an Alberta textbook and read about Dirty Alberta Oil, climate change, reviewed sex Ed material, or NOW GSA material. Propaganda at every turn. We get one shot at this, I don’t want to look back with regret because I was to scared to speak up and say how wrong and dangerous it it to expose Kids to Sex content. It’s wrong.

Norwegian Sex Ed

Point out the exaggerations.

There are far fewer exaggerations in this video than you may realize. Even the one about Red Ink is actually a thing.

Study: Red ink makes students anxious

Teachers shouldn’t use red coloured pens to mark homework ‘because it’s like shouting and upsets pupils

Privilege Points are a thing.

Feelings over Facts are a thing.

Gender politics is a thing.

Equality of outcome over equality of opportunity is a thing.

Right to not be offended is a thing.

Right to ‘punch a nazi’ is a thing.

Words are violent is a thing.

Right to silence differing opinions is a thing.

And they are all mixed into education. So, if you find an exaggeration in this video, that has not played out in some western educational institution in the last decade, please let me know.

Remember, questions are offensive is a thing….really it is. Especially in regards to wanting to know who is rewriting education. Just ask David Eggen. He’ll tell you why you shouldn’t ask that.

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