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It’s all a little Fuzzy.

It has been a stressful, tiring, and busy month. Our country, O Canada!, has impaled itself upon the jagged rocks at the bottom of the precipice it so gleefully leapt off of with it’s “progressive” rights for LGBTQIA2S+(?M?).
It is now “family violence” in Canada for a Father to call his teenage girl his daughter, and he must hand her over to grown men to be sexually mutilated, molested, abused, and used for their profit. A man has no right to protect his daughter from grooming. A mother must participate in the abuse, or have their child ripped from the home to be fondled by sex obsessed liars seeking victims to exploit for their profit and gratification.
The Canadian Justice system is now subject to political intimidation, and the rule of law varies based on your connections.

And yet, what is Canada doing to save itself from its dire predicament? It is using its last dying strength, not to lift itself off the spikes that have caused it such mortal wounds, but to grasp the spikes firmly with both hands, and pull itself closer to the bottom. As if Canada thinks that a stalagmite is an arrow that must be pulled through, rather than pulled out. I’m here to tell you, that by the time those in charge figure out that you can’t pull the ground itself through a wound, Canada will be dead. A failed state. No matter how many socialist stars you wish upon.

As thousands of you are aware, on January 31, 2019, I hand delivered a letter to the Alberta Ombudsman, requesting that she open an investigation into Alberta Education to determine if criminal wrong doing was occurring, as was perceived to be occurring by the 639 Albertan’s who signed it. As of February 14th, I have not heard so much as a peep from the office of the Ombudsman. The actions of Alberta Education since January 31, have only increased my and other parents belief that systemic criminal activity continues to go on within this provinces Ministry of Education. From the ATA setting up a murderer to speak to teachers, to whispers heard of Alberta Education officials demanding to have secret private conversations with children about how safe they feel in school, that parents were not allowed to know about. (I’ll be making a separate post about the Letter to the Ombudsman, in the days to come.)

I’m stating all this, to help build up context, for the benefit of my readers, so that they have a clear understanding of why what I am going to talk about is such a concern. Reading comprehension has also taken a hit in the last decade, and the more context the better. Context has also taken a ludicrous hit by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Trinity Western decision, and British courts are saying context doesn’t matter vis-à-vis “Count Dankula” and “Tommy Robinson.” Reason and common sense prove otherwise, even if every corrupt judge on the planet says it doesn’t.

It is requisite that I expand context just a little bit more, and I hope that you bear with me. As I begin to discuss the core topic of this post, that of Medicine Hat Public School Division Policy [530] Procedure [009], I will surely be re-opening some old wounds to establish this context. That is unavoidable, but also healthy, as these wounds have never properly healed. They have in fact been festering under the service, and are beginning to turn septic. It is good to air them out, clean them, and have them properly heal, for the good of the community, and for the good of its children.

The events that happened in Medicine Hat starting in March of 2016, and continuing on through most of 2017, were a direct response to actions taken by the Board of Medicine Hat Public School Division (MHPSD formerly SD76) regarding their implementation of the so called “Safe & Caring” polices 621 & 622. Before March, 2016, I was just another pleb, minding his own business. The Concerned Parents of SD76 (CPoSD76) were also not a thing. That a coalition formed, (and is still united,) between Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Mormons, Muslims, and Secularists over a school policy was unprecedented. That is the power family has to unite people. One might even call it very “inclusive.”

Yet despite this unprecedented coalition, 2500 residents requesting further thought and debate, and multiple warnings of the consequences of implementing these policies, some of which I gave myself, the Board continued to take bad faith action, after bad faith action. Even going so far as to silence their critics through attempts at censorship, obfuscation, and threats.

While many of the warnings that myself and several other residents tried to convey to the Board on that cold March evening in 2016, have turned out to be prophetic, the Board, and indeed Alberta Education as a whole continues to march forward, damn the consequences, to their meaningless “Safe, Caring, and Inclusive” utopia. I say meaningless in the literal literal sense, because as one Trustee recently told me, “there isn’t even a common definition of what inclusive means.” (That being a consequence of a ‘your truth’ mentality.)

Despite all the good intent to create a “Safe, Caring, and Inclusive” system, whatever the meaning, it has only produced the commonly understood opposite affect. Schools are less safe, less caring, and more exclusionary than they ever were. It is in this context, and in this understanding, why I first had concerns with MHPSD Policy [530] Procedure [009], and indeed many of you had similar concerns.

When I first saw, and read P009, on the agenda for the January Council of Councils meeting, I had concerns, but I wanted to hear what was discussed about it, before making a fuss. Since I was going to give a report on the CofC meeting to my School Council, I opted to tell my council about it, and get their thoughts without ‘tainting’ it’s reception with my reputation. There were a few concerns raised, and some questions asked. I informed them that I would meet with the board or the superintendent to get more info for the next meeting. The board had not been presented the procedure at that time, and I believed it was prudent to wait to see if they had any discussion at the next public Board meeting, the following day.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I was not able to attend the Board meeting, so I e-mailed the Superintendent inquiring weather it had been passed by the Board. He stated that it had been passed as presented. I later came to know that this was standard practice for administrative procedures, which are the at the discretion of the Superintendent and for the information of the Board.

Given the Divisions past attempts at censorship, obfuscation, and bad faith actions, and given the larger current cultural climate of silencing dissent, (also here, and here, and here, and also here, lets not forget here, and recently here.) it seemed only fair, to seek legal opinion on it, as well as to hear from other stake holders within the division. No reasonable person could see 530 P 009, and all the examples of near identical policies, that have factually led to intimidation, threats, and law suits, and not be at least concerned that they might be abused.

After seeking out those opinions, and speaking with a number of individuals, I compiled the collective concerns, and tabulated a number of questions relating to those concerns. I then sought a meeting with the Board Chairman, Rick Massini, and Superintendent Mark Davidson. Mr. Davidson was open to a meeting, and did inform me, that the proper process was to meet with him first, and then apply to speak to the Board should that meeting be insufficient. The Date of the meeting was set for March 1st.

For readers reference, I have provided a copy of the concerns and questions that were presented to Mr. Davidson at the beginning of the meeting.

Concerns with MHPSD Policy 530 Procedure 009

1. P009 is outside the guidelines of Policy 530 Policy 530 is written in the context of use and distribution of technology, social media, and program material within division property and during work hours. All other proceduers (1-8) are within this context.

2. Division authority, mandate, and fiduciary duty does not extend outside of division property or outside work hours.

3. Exertion of control over private and personal social media, what information one shares, and who one associates with on private time, by any governmental body, violates the Canadian charter of human rights, with respect to freedom of association, conscience, belief, and religion. Violations of such constitute discrimination. (3.2, and 3.3 specifically.)

4. Definitions of conduct that violate this procedure are not clearly and concisely defined. Leaving it up to the whim of the superintendent is not sufficient.

5. Social Media content does not explicitly and universally exist in the public domain.

6. The statement that “Social media users are participating at their own risk,” contradicts the purpose of the procedure and negates all previous statements.
If the risk is on the user, than the division has no business monitoring, policing, or directing personal use of social media. To do so would make the division liable for the content shared, as they have made themselves responsible for policing it. Publisher vs platform argument.

7. Incorrect or inaccurate definition of Social Media. Doesn’t match dictionary or commonly understood definition.

1. Who is enforcing this?
2. How will this be enforced?
3. How much will enforcement cost?
4. Who benefits from this?
5. What issue does it address?
6. What programs is the division offering to instruct Students, Staff, and Volunteers on the use of social media?
7. What penalties will be levied for violations?
8. How are violations determined?
9. What is the conviction process?
10. What is the appeal process?

In the interest of time, and keeping you reading this until the end, I will summarize what I took to be the key points and answers.

Private vs. Public

Privacy is Contextual. One of the main discussion points of the meeting was whether Social Media users had an expectation of privacy, and the individual Charter rights we have to freedom of association, conscience, and belief. 530 P 009 is written in such away as to say that all social media exists in the public domain. This is not correct, and can be easily shown.
Mr. Davidson explained that the courts have shown that Facebook groups do not have an expectation of privacy. He stated that when you are sharing posts with 100s of people, there is no expectation of privacy. An example of this was given in referencing the teachers in Manitoba who did a lap dance. I was familiar with the incident, but not the details at the time. Mr. Davidson made reference to how they were terminated from their positions, and that it went to court, and lost. Stating that precedence was set on this. I countered that if there is any kind of privacy statement, that there was in fact a degree of expected privacy.
Since the meeting, I have had time to look into the details of the event referenced. There was some key inaccuracies in the example.
1. The teachers were not fired. One did not have their contract renewed, and the other resigned.
2. It did not go to court.
3. The Female teacher is still teaching.
4. This was not a social media ‘incident.’ These teachers were being inappropriate at a school event.
5. This had nothing to do with private or public social media association or precedence.

I belief that Mr. Davidson had simply been misinformed on the details of that incident, and I researched further for examples of where the courts may have said that private Social Media, like Facebook, did not have an expectation of privacy. I have not yet been able to find any. The closest I came up with was the Dalhousie Dental Program Incident in 2015, but that again did not go to court. So we are left with the S.C.O.C decision I referenced above, that it is contextual, and not a blanket ‘public domain’.

After all, the context of my conversation with the Superintendent was not private, even though it was conducted in his office. I had sought a meeting with the Superintendent to discuss a public policy procedure, that was precipitated by a segment of the public expressing concern, in hopes their concerns would be publicly addressed. Even so, there were several things that were discussed that had a private context amid that obvious public context.

To give an example of a legitimate situation, where I teacher may come into question under this procedure, but actually have their rights violated if it were to be enforced; consider a teacher who owns a firearm, and is a member of a online firearms enthusiast social media group, and frequently shares their enthusiasm for firearms on their Facebook account. There are obviously individuals who would have a problem with that, but that is not a crime, nor is it corrupting to children, but that could constitute “Reflecting Negatively” on the division to have a teacher who owns firearms. To enforce, or register a violation of this procedure, for such circumstances, would end up being subject to costly legal challenge.
Lets make this hotter, how about a teacher who believes homosexuality is a sin, that one is not born homosexual, and attends a Church that firmly beliefs the same. Would the teacher be allowed to share on Social Media their beliefs and associate with others who hold those beliefs on social media, or would that “reflect negatively” on the division?

Extent of Authority

The second significant topic of discussion was a concern of unjustified expansion of authority of the MHPSD. The authority and enforcement of division policy does not extend outside MHPSD property. This was also a significant point of concern with procedures for policy 621 (now known as Policy 612 P 001,) which states students are subject to discipline

when the student’s conduct detrimentally affects the welfare of the members of the school community regardless of where that conduct occurs.

Policy 612 P 001

This concern was raised because of two statements in 530 P 009 that say:


Internal: all Board members and staff

External: volunteers, contracted employees

Policy 530 P 009 – Definitions

1.Personal UseSocial media use on personal accounts, outside of work hours and off school property are subject to this policy and the procedures.

Policy 530 P 009 – Usage

This part of the conversation very quickly lead into a distinction between employees and contractors, and that of volunteers. I made it clear that I understood there was a differences between the groups, but it was clearly outside the divisions authority to dictate what values a volunteer held, who they associated with, and weather they ‘reflected negatively’ on the division.

Mr. Davidson gave three arguments to why the division authority did extend outside Division Property and working hours.

  1. Employees and Contractors sign agreements, and jurisprudence and ATA policy clearly outline what those groups can and can not say publicly.
  2. If you hold the division in low regard, or are extremely critical of it, why are you volunteering? The Division could also just politely decline your offer to volunteer.
  3. There was no punishment outlined for volunteers. There was mention that the School Act listed several things that parents “shall” do, but are not doing, and have no consequences listed. (I’ll get into this a bit more in enforcement.)

The First point is not valid in situations like that of those I listed earlier, regarding beliefs, values, and morals. Yes, an employer can terminate employment of someone who goes online and calls their boss, or the business, a big dunderhead, but they can not bring them up for discipline for differences in race, religion, or sex, anymore than the employee could. They also can not force them to violate their conscience, or restrict their freedom of association or expression. The phrase “reflect negatively” is so absurdly broad, that any reasonable person can see that it could be used to abuse authority, if someone were inclined to.

The Second point is discriminatory in it’s nature. If a public education system only allows volunteers who hold the values, thoughts, and beliefs that the Board or Administration prefers, they are violating their own mandate of a safe and inclusive community. They are making it unsafe for people who do not hold to the division orthodoxy, and they are excluding people from the joys of serving their community based on the their race, sex, religion, beliefs, and/or politics. I also did make a point that not all volunteers are ‘selected’ by the administration or the Board. School councils are elected volunteers, and if disciplinary action were to be taken against an elected volunteer, that would be a disastrous legal mess. Especially if it were because of that volunteer’s personal beliefs and associations.

Thirdly, if no consequences are expected, than what is the point? Ya, sure, the School Act may do the same thing, but why is it in the school act? Just because your friend jumps off a bridge, would you? But I posit to you, that it is there for a reason. It does have a purpose. It is there to intimidate, to imply consequences. It is there to inspire self censorship, and to stoke fears of consequences. The Division has zero authority over what you or your children do on Social Media at home, or off work hours. If the division can make it appear as though they have that authority, heavily imply that there could be consequences, and make you belief that you are violating some law, than you will start to believe it, and encourage others to adhere as well. There is a reason “the Scarlet Letter” was so effective in keeping people in line.
Mr. Davidson said, “Policy can not be less restrictive than law, but it can be more restrictive.” He also stated that it was better to have policy and have something happen, than not have policy and have something happen. The thing is, policy can be more restrictive, but it can’t violate your rights. To enforce this policy for anything other than employer bad mouthing, would be a violation of your rights, and why would you need a policy to handle circumstances that would be a violation of rights to enforce? Especially when the ATA and contracts already cover exactly what employees can and can not do on social media.


Enforcement was the shortest part of the discussion. This is mostly do to the fact that this is just not enforceable, and that Mr. Davidson out right stated that there were no consequences given for volunteers. (Which were the center of most concerns.) It is also practically speaking, impossible. You would have to employ teams of professionals to troll employees/volunteers social media, and dig into their associations, to see if there were any violations. The cost would be astronomical and unsustainable. It would also be unethical, but that is beside the point.

I asked Mr. Davidson how he would enforce it, and he said it would only be if someone brought something forward. In other words, it’s a “If you see something, say something” kind of enforcement. To Mr. Davidson’s credit, I don’t think his intent is to wipe out dissent in the Division, though there were some who thought I was referring to him as Emperor Palpatine in this post. (I was not. I specifically stated I was referring to the NDP. “That being said, in my opinion, the NDP (the party) are just like Palpatine”) I did find it ironically funny that they are even attempting to impose this procedure, but Mr. Davidson said that enforcing a cell phone ban in school was impossible. (All you need is a cell phone jammer. That would render 90% of the issues with cell phones in school moot overnight.)

My and others’ concern rather are with those above and around him who would, and have, shown a propensity to hammer out dissenting views. After all, Davidson is just as replaceable as anyone around him, if say David Eggen were to say it was no longer acceptable to be pro-life, or associate with pro-life groups on Facebook. Let’s be honest, that is not outside the realm of possibility for Minister Eggen. Would Davidson terminate the employment of someone who shared a photo of an aborted baby, and a 16 year old student complained about how it made her feel to see it? I don’t think Davidson would personally, but what if Progress Alberta started calling the Division anti-choice? What if Eggen told him he had to, because after all, it was “reflecting negatively” on the division, and that is the reason the policy exists! So much ‘fuzzy’ territory.


These last two points were not specifically discussed with Mr. Davidson, but are more of the over arching theme of the concerns, and were accurately summarized in a brief discussion I had with a Trustee a few days after my meeting with Mr. Davidson. This discussion, although not in a private setting, did have the perception of privacy to some extent, and since only the Chairman of the Board can officially speak for the Board, I will not be sharing the name of the Trustee.

This Trustee appeared genuinely interested in hearing my concerns, and wanting to resolve them. The Trustee expressed that the intent wasn’t to censor, but to establish an understanding of expected behaviour. That people need to know that there are limits to what one can say. The Trustee gave the example that it was not OK to call Mr. Davidson an idiot, but it was OK to call Donald Trump an idiot. (The following writing is a break down of this example. It in no way represents my personal beliefs on Mr. Davidson or Donald Trump.)

The concern I and others have with the censorship that this policy procedure will lead to is that, “there is no Principled Argument for censorship, only arguments from power.” The example that the Trustee gave is arbitrary. Why is it not OK to call the Superintendent of a Public School Division an idiot, but it is OK to call the President of the United States an idiot? What is the deciding factor. This is exactly the point that Carl Benjamin makes in the above video. Sure, employees can’t call their employer an idiot, but the general public can do what they want. The example isn’t even morally consistent. If you can’t call one person an idiot because it would hurt their feelings, you can’t call anyone an idiot. Once you set arbitrary ‘taboo’ speech, there is not limit to how far that can expand.

This is a Public School Division. It is their mandate to remain neutral on matters not pertaining to education and obedience to law. As organizations like the ATA, ASBA, and PSBA, (whom the MHPSD Chairman is a member and advocate for,) consistently lobby to have the laws and constitution of Alberta changed to eliminate private, charter, and separate schools, so do the concerns over censorship increase proportionally.

As a Public Division, the Public is free to criticize the actions taken, just as they are free to criticize the government. The whole purpose of speech is to bring up grievances with the status quo. The reason we have separate, private, and charter schools is because people did not agree with the public system. The fact is, not everyone can send their kids to a private school, and as such they must have the ability to be both involved in the public system, but also be critical of it, if they perceive it is making foolish, dangerous, or illegal decisions.

When you censor dissenting opinion, you only fan the flames of censorship, and prove that, what was once considered ‘conspiracy,’ is now actually fact, and the ‘fearmongering’ becomes justified. When you can’t agree on what “inclusion” means, you have no right to state what “acceptable” inclusive behaviour is. People can’t even figure out what gender they are. How are you going to make a fair standard of what is considered harassment, and not censorship?

Moral Standard of Conduct

The last point I belief I need to address in this short novella of a post, is a statement made by the Trustee that I mentioned under the Censorship point. The statement was that they (The Board? The Admin? The Government?) were trying to develop a “common sense, moral standard of conduct.” That statement took me by surprise. I had long suspected that that was the end goal, but to hear it said out loud, and semi publicly, was surprising. I found myself stopping several times after the discussion had ended, and wanting to go back and address it further.

To think that, a Public School Division, has the unmitigated gall to believe that they have the power to develop and enforce a moral standard on not just the schools, but the ‘school community,’ is astounding. To be perfectly clear, a Public School Division does not have even a microscopic smidgen of authority to enforce a self developed “moral standard,” let alone the moral integrity to do so. If they did, they would be a fascist institution.

Clearly the MHPSD is not basing this standard on the Bible. Clearly they are not basing it on the Koran. Clearly they are not basing it on the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, with their continued enforcement of policy that violates that declaration. Clearly they are not basing it on the Rule of Law, since they, for months, violated the law with Policy 622, until it was made legal under Bill-24. So what are they basing it on? What is its foundation? The following video gives one likely possibility.

The “Oppressed Oppressor Binary” is rooted in the feminist intersectionality ideology and the progressive stack. Both are fundamentally racist, sexist, and bigoted, so I would hope that that isn’t what they are basing the “moral standard” on.

Let’s also not forget, that the Public School Division had a moral standard, but they rejected it, and ejected it from all public schools. Do I need to remind you why that was? We live in a diverse country, with multiple moral standards. The 10 commandments were the foundation of Canadian society, but they were at odds with secularists. It was determined that the Rule of Law was the best standard for a multi-cultural society. When did that change? Are we to expect Sharia police to start patrolling our schools? How about an inquisition? Why not the puritan system of “The Scarlet Letter?” Surely an Amish social shunning would fix the wrong thought of Division students and volunteers!

It is laughable to think that the Division could come up with a logical consistent moral stand, when they can’t even define racism, inclusiveness, harassment, bullying, or gender in any kind of commonly accepted way. If the definitions of words are defined by the superintendent and the Board, than that is obviously tyrannical and fascist. The definitions of words are not set by individuals or Boards. Every single fear and concern that parents had was validated and cemented with the statement that the “they” was attempting to develop a “common sense, moral standard of conduct.” Who’s common sense? The common sense of those that say men can have periods?

I think we are in need of a history lesson, on just why exactly, a socialist/fascist/communist “moral standard,” arbitrarily set by a group of self proclaimed superiors, is such an extremely supremely bad idea. Some 50 million people were starved to death under Mao Zedong’s “great leap forward” moral standard (, a moral standard Praised by the father of our current Prime Minister, who recently said “Canada has no Core Identity”). Some 20 million people died under Stalin’s enforcement of the “…to each according to his need” Marxist standard. And some 6 million people died under the “Aryan Master Race” standard of Adolf Hitler.

I am not saying that our public school division is ‘literally Hittler.’ They are not, and I do believe that most of the Board and Admin have good intent, but as they say, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Hitler, Stallin, and Mao, I’m sure, all started out with what they truly believed to be good intentions. Just as the puritans and inquisitors did as well. The problem is, their definitions of good were not the same as everyone elses, nor were they benevolent people. All of mankind is fallen and broken, and as Carl Benjamin referenced above that JohnMilton observed in Areopagitica, “the censor must assume to themselves above all others in the land, the grace of infallibility and uncorruptedness”

The School Division is certainly not infallible or uncorrupted, so why do they think that they have the ability and authority to develop this moral standard? After all, members of the administration have warned me that if I were to start meddling in the personal lives of Division staff, that that would be different, and how they would respond, to such meddling, would be significantly different. So how is it any different than them meddling in the personal social media lives of members of the community outside of their authority? Are not our concerns morally justified on that basis alone?

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LGBT™ Experts are a Social Construct

I’m SHOCKED! That an LGBT™ study was a lie, SHOCKED I tell you!…..well not really. Everyone with a moments pause, and an IQ above 80 knew this, but “Dur my feels! You Bigots!”
The thing is, this study had real consequences, and it was a scam from the beginning. It was studies like the one linked above, and the one in BC, Canada, that were used to Make Bill 10, the Guidelines to Best Practices, “Safe and Caring” policies, and Bill 24. I wrote here about how the BC study was bogus and how they even admitted that they already had an outcome they wanted, and they generated the data to support it.

Where are we now? Drag queen story hours, sex diagrams about how to have anal sex with old men, kidnapped children taken to sex grooming conferences, girls trying to kill themselves because a ‘responsible adult’ told them they were actually a boy, and Christians being banned from adopting because they would abuse the children by not letting them cut their genitals off. That is just the stuff the government endorses and promotes. Lets not even get into the stuff that the ATA, Alberta Education, AHS, and the schools look the other way for, when they see it.
Am I calling you stupid if you supported this? Well, yes, you would have to be. If not stupid, than certainly improperly educated, ignorant, negligent, incompetent, and extremely gullible. Definitely not qualities for someone running government, being in charge of schools, or instructing children. Really, any position of authority.

Did that hurt your feelings? Well, tough. Suck it up buttercup. YOU are the reason child sexual exploitation has exploded. YOU are the reason pedophiles want sex with children decriminalized, and are bold enough to demand it in public. YOU are the reason your kids are at risk of being taken to sex conferences and molested by a ‘responsible adult’. Besides, would you rather I called you what the only other possible reason for supporting this could be? Would you prefer I called you a child molester and sexual predator? So grow a pair. (Ovaries or testis, whatever the case may be.) Lick your wounds. Learn from your mistake. Take the hit, and determine to never make the same stupid mistake again. [I have to clarify here, because apparently reading comprehension is a serious issue these days. Thus far the “YOU” I’m referring to, are the people who supported this LGBT™ indoctrination in the schools in the first place.] This far, no further!

This sex train isn’t going to stop until ALL of us pull the e-brake together. Proponents who are not child predators need a slap upside the head. (Metaphorically speaking.) Detractors need to stop cowering in the corner. Stop saying yes. Starting say NO. Start demanding representation of the majority. Start taking stubborn proponents to court. Start picketing schools, and filling up foyers at Board offices. Start overwhelming calendars with appointments to speak to representatives. Take your lunch breaks, your coffee breaks, your holidays, and your sick days to bother your ‘betters’. This issue is crossing into the fascist zone, and once it takes root, you’ll never have a ‘getaway’ to go to. You’ll find your travel has been ‘restricted,’ you’ll find your kids will have been taken to a ‘more supportive’ environment, and you’ll realize all your supporters and friends have gone to ‘camp’.

And in case you don’t believe me that this is becoming fascist, lets just set aside that C-16 already forces you to speak the way they want you to, under threat of prison time, and focus on what some of the Ontario Public Schools decided to do last Tuesday February 19th.
That is right, salute the LGBT™ Rainbow Flag, you 5 year old bigot, or else! Why anyone would compare the rainbow flag to other totalitarian symbols is just mind boggling. It’s not like any other infamous group of fascists have ever made flag worship mandatory in schools…. You can take a first step in fighting this. Sign the Campaign Life Coalition petition to reverse the public schools decision. This is only the first step though. If you live in Ontario, walk up to your school representative, and call them out on their stupidity and ignorance. Let them know what the alternative is to acknowledging that there position is stupid. Let them know you will press charges, or sue, or pull your kids out of school. Enough is enough, and you can’t leave it all up to people like myself to fix this. I can only do so much. ALL of you have to do your part. If not, the only person you have to blame, when they come and destroy your family, is yourself. At that point, everyone that could have helped you will be gone, because you were not there to defend them, when they were warning you it would happen.

In closing, to see the dangers of mindless ideological indoctrination to children, one need look no further than this video. [I am not making a statement as to the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of the senator’s response in this video. I am simply showing the result of using and terrifying children with ideological goals, that have nothing to do with helping or protecting them.]

[An additional Video, that was just released that absolutely proves that LGBT™ Experts are a Social Construct.]

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Government Criminality

Where do I begin? It’s an honest question. There is just so much going on. The insanity, corruption, bigotry, it’s over 9000. Daily I read dozens of stories that just make you ask, “When is Jesus coming back?” “How long Lord, how long?” Even comedians who take a 1.5 month hiatus are coming back, and having too much to mock to even bother going over it all.

Just last weekend saw thousands of people across the political spectrum slandering a group of boys, with no evidence, and only a substantially edited video by a man with a sordid history of lying and bigotry. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the boys of Covington did that was so heinous? I see many still condemning them for ‘disrespect’. For smiling. Heaven forbid someone smile today. What a great offense, but I’m getting off topic.

You might not know it by the flood of links and comments I put on my Facebook page, but I actually have many many more that I don’t share, and I don’t write about or comment on. It would be a full time job, and I have one already. You would be surprised how many times I’ve started to wright something, and then shelved it in the void of wordpress ‘drafts’.

For instance, that visceral, condescending ,claptrap of a commercial Gillette put out. That commercial saw me taking a different stance than “Focus on the Family”. An organization my family and I have supported for decades and is linked to on this site. One I even did volunteer work for years ago. You have no idea how much I wanted to write about that, but a lot of other good people got it covered.

No, I leave the mundane dailies to my shares on that fraudulent two faced corporation with a forked tongue, known as Facebook. Most of what I read is just snippets that people need to be aware of, not things they specifically need to take action on, or really would care to be concerned about enough for me to urge them to take note.

I save the really egregious, outrageous, and lesser known topics for this site. Those topics that will directly affect you. That will harm you, your family, or livelihood. Those items that are, (or should be, ) of serious concern to the parents of SD76 and beyond.

For instance, did you know that a policy is being tabled tonight at the Medicine Hat Public School District Board Meeting, that will make your personal social media conduct subject to discipline by the Board? All you need do is volunteer in any capacity whatsoever for anything in the district, and magically, an appointed representative of the superintendent can scour your history for anything that they think may “reflect negatively” on the district. Now, I’ll not go into this as yet, as the Board will not have even been given this suggested policy until Tonight’s meeting, and what I do next is dependent on how the Board receives it. It will never work, and is unmanageable anyway. This does however lead into my whole point of writing this post. Government Criminality.

I will not pretend that anyone that knows me in even the slightest, doesn’t know who I will not be voting for in the upcoming election, but those who know me more closely, and follow what I wright, know I call out lies, injustice, and evil no matter the party affiliation. See my “PRIDE goes before destruction” article if you are skeptical. That one destroyed any chances I had for provincial political aspirations, had I made them. Heck I’ve even been known to defend people that I’ve had a falling out with. So why do I need to state this preamble?

Well, what we have witnessed over the last couple of years, is a sharp rise in mainstreaming government criminality. This was happening to a smaller extent under the PC party in Alberta, but with the rise of the NDP and their now obviously apparent corruption, the under belly of unions and tyrants have seen it as their time to make their bold and debased move for power and indecency before that opportunity is lost in May.

I needed to make known to you that I’m not ‘picking’ on the NDP. I’m not a partisan campaign outlet. I have only one party loyalty, and only one platform. That of my Lord Jesus Christ, and the truth that is his word, which is written in the Bible. That being said, in my opinion, the NDP (the party) are just like Palpatine, beyond hope of turning things around. They feed off of evil policy. They have sold themselves to the prince of lies, and in fact [show this. ] [Repeatedly.]

I still hold out hope that Kenney, and the UCP will honour their word, and that the party isn’t beyond hope. To quote Luke Skywalker, “Because there is good in him, I’ve felt it. … I can turn him back to the good side. I have to try.” The UCP can’t rest easy though, because I’ll be on them as quick as I was on Doug Ford for his lies about the Sex Ed repeal.

Also…um well, I need the preamble because the NDP are now, like criminal thugs, openly lying to the courts, flaunting the law, and persecuting people in secret courts, where you are not allowed to defend yourself. They are the epitome of an evil wicked illegitimate government, and you need to make sure that you make it known that you don’t work for any party, lest they come in the night and disappear you, (metaphorically of course.)

I’ve had interesting interactions with the Rebel over the years. I followed them for a while, then I stopped, and shortly there after they had that disaster with Faith Goldy, and that face palm incident with hush money in the UK, but that is actually besides the point. The point is, what the NDP are doing to them is criminal. No if, ands, or butts about it. It is criminal, illegal, corrupt, and dishonest for the NDP to be doing this.

They lied to the court. They broke notification laws. They violated rights to fair trial. And they did it all in secret using blatantly bias council and with reckless disregard for conflicts of interest. As I stated earlier, this isn’t even the first time they have lied to the courts.

So what do we do? Yes, we can get a different government, but what good does that do when unions like the Alberta Teachers Association are showing the same reckless disregard for the law, human rights, or are pathologically lying to the public? Well, we find a neutral arbiter to come in and investigate, and meed out justice where the other parties are unable or unwilling to.

That is where the Ombudsman comes in. Yes, typically we don’t see a lot of action from the Ombudsman, but that is the only course of action we have left. If law enforcement, the courts, the government, and even the Ombudsman will not take on the cause of truth and justice, then we can rest knowing we took every action possible to us, and that whatever befalls this Province or Country lies squarely on their shoulders. Our hands are clean.

As 1000s of you are aware, I’ve written a letter to the Alberta Ombudsman, requesting that she open an investigation into Alberta Education. My intent is to submit that letter at the end of the month, since I have not heard any response from it’s posting. While I am ecstatic that nearly 560 people have signed that letter, I was hoping for at least 2000. Surely there are 2000 people in this province who are as concerned as the 560 of us?

So I make this request….this challenge of my readers, if you have signed this letter, or do plan on signing, please share it with at least 5 other people whom you know, that would also likely sign it. Personally make the request, whether by phone or in person. Don’t just share it and think a ‘like’ is a signature. Ask them if they read it. What did they think? Do they support it. You could even share this post as supporting information.

And to any ranking member of the UCP reading this. It may be politically expedient for you to support this letter. Since the current government will be looking for ways to bash the UCP after the election, it might be good to get ahead of the game and support an investigation, so that the people know you are serious about weeding out corruption in Alberta Education. Most of the people involved in education are not elected. You would be distancing yourself from any incrimination after taking the reigns.

With that I hope and pray for our leaders. That they may see the the error of their ways. That they may not harden their hearts, and fight the wind. Grant them wisdom, understanding, and compassion. I pray for Alberta, and a day of repentance, and a return to truth, justice, and mercy.

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An open letter, to the Alberta Ombudsman…

To the honourable Marianne Ryan,

I am writing to you today on behalf of parents, grandparents, guardians, concerned families, and adult residents of Alberta.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you open a public provincial inquiry and/or investigation into:

  • Alberta Education
  • the Office of the Minister of Education
  • the Alberta Teachers Association
  • the Alberta School Boards Association
  • the Edmonton Public School District
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Medicine Hat Public School District #76
  • Lethbridge School District #51
  • Battle River School Division
  • Sturgeon Public School Division
  • St Paul Education Regional Division No. 1 [Edit: request for investigation of this division is withdrawn]

The purpose of the inquiry/investigation would be to identify the individuals responsible for the pattern of misconduct and abuse of human rights that is affecting the province of Alberta, so that appropriate disciplinary actions or reprimands may be given, and to see appropriate checks and balances implemented to prevent further abuse and/or negligence from continuing to occur within all levels of the Alberta Ministry of Education.

The undersigned understand the scope, and the resources and time undertaking such an investigation would require. As taxpaying residents, we believe that our money would be well spent if it meant protecting our children and our rights from further abuse.

We also hope that you understand the gravity of the abuses which we perceive to be occurring systemically throughout Alberta Education. Not since the time of the residential schools has the government, in the eyes of the public, so blatantly abused the human rights of the governed. In so doing, all trust and respect for Alberta Education has been destroyed in our minds. When so many have lost faith in the institution, the institution becomes incapable of fulfilling its duties, and is rendered ineffectual.

While we understand many issues have not been proven in court, and understand some may turn out to be rumor or conjecture, we do not believe this to be the case for the majority of our concerns. A proper impartial investigation would set these concerns to rest, and would engender rebuilt trust in Alberta Education, the process, and the effectualness of government.

Alberta is at a critical crossroads, nigh also Canada as a nation. Civil unrest is bubbling under the surface. Albertan’s have become disenfranchised with their government, and the refusal by all political parties, government, and civil institutions to look into our concerns has not calmed the situation. It has in fact served to deepen the frustration and tension.

As we go into our reasons for requesting that you open an inquiry and/or investigation, please [bear] in mind that we do not do this flippantly. While each case or concern may or may not have “exhausted all avenues of appeal,” we do believe that proper processes have been reasonably followed. When you have been threatened harassed and abused into silence, you become hopeless in your belief that appealing is even worth the effort and it seems pointless. It appears that no one really cares. This is why we come to you.

Our concerns, and thus our reasoning in making this request can be chiefly categorized into two primary groupings;

  1. The sexual exploitation, grooming, molestation, and interference in the physical, social, moral, and ethical development our children outside the authority and mandate of Alberta Education.
  2. The abuse and erosion of our family, parental, religious, and association rights under the Alberta Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

While each concern may appear unique, we believe that there is enough evidence to conclude a pattern of systemic abuse of authority and position that leads back to the office of the Minister of Education and the Alberta Ministry of Education as a whole. This request does not contain details of each concern, but should our request be granted, we are certain that those individuals or groups who brought the concern forward would freely and gratefully cooperate with the investigation to see it come to a swift conclusion.

The following list of concerns is not an exhaustive list. We have filtered it to the most pressing and egregious, and believe that it outlines why we perceive there to be a systemic pattern of abuse. Those concerns  that have been filtered from this list we believe would become apparent during the course of the investigation.

The concerns that we have stem from the following:

  • Alberta Education,
    1. Alberta Education’s attempt to shut down Wisdom Home Schooling without respect to process, and without consideration to the impact upon the students who were/are under its authority.
    2. Alberta Education’s connection to Dr. Kristopher Wells, The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (ISMSS), and the GSA Network
    3. Alberta Education’s failure to screen links posted to the Alberta GSA Network website for inappropriate material.
    4. Alberta Education’s failure to implement processes and safeguards against inappropriate material be available through government funded resources.
    5. Alberta Education’s failure to punish or reprimand those responsible for the failures of the Alberta GSA Network.
    6. Alberta Education’s ongoing plan to rewrite curriculum without public understanding of who contributed to its creation or detailed explanations of what the stated goals are or why those goals were set.
  • the Office of the Minister of Education,
    1. The public insinuation that Catholic education did and does not teach spousal consent, and the implication that Catholic schools endorsed rape.
    2. The statement from the minister implying that those that did not agree with Alberta Education’s policies and actions were incapable of critical thought.
    3. The Minister’s attempt to threaten removal of and violate the religious rights of the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society.
    4. The minister’s refusal to reveal who contributed to Alberta Education’s planned rewrite of school curriculum.
    5. The minister’s refusal to hear debate on Bill-24 “An act to Support Gay Straight Alliances”, the minister’s refusal to consider the ramifications of the Bill, the minister’s refusal to set age restrictions or to consider appropriateness, and allegations that the minister deceived the public as to its contents, intent, purpose and implementation.
    6. The Minister’s refusal to respond to questions regarding how school policies that are religious in nature violate Bill-24.
  • the Alberta Teachers Association,
    1. The ATA’s association, promotion, and support of Dr. Kristopher Wells, what work exactly he does for Alberta Education, and what role he plays in the education of Alberta’s children.
    2. The ATA’s resolution to attempt to undermine the Alberta Constitution, and its establishment of a public and separate education system.
    3. The ATA’s resolution to strip parents of their right to be informed when sensitive topics are brought forward in class, and their lobbying of the government to violate the human rights of Families.
    4. The ATA’s support of efforts to strip funding from independent schools, and deny Albertans their right to fund separate schools.
    5. Allegations of the ATA’s harassment and intimidation of some of its members based on their associations and personal or religious beliefs.
  • the Alberta School Boards Association,
    1. The ASBA’s support of efforts to strip funding from independent schools, and deny Albertans of their right to fund separate schools.
    2. Allegations of attempts to impose authority on Home Schooling Boards and the rights of home schooled children.
  • the Edmonton Public School District,
    1. Allegations that children have been taken off of school property by private individuals without the consent of parents, and exposed to pornographic material, sexual interference, and  child sexual grooming.
  • Calgary Board of Education (CBE),
    1. Allegations of improper process, unfair evaluation, and dismissal of a petition against the planned implementation of policy directed by the Minister of Education and the “Guidelines to Best Practices” (GTBP) document.
    2. Allegations of sexual interference/grooming within GSAs under CBE authority
    3. Allegations of violations of parental human rights and child endangerment within GSAs under CBE authority.
    4. Allegations of threats against parents, staff, and students who would reveal the internal workings of GSAs under CBE authority.
    5. The relationship between the CBE, GSAs, and the Calgary Sexual Health Center.
  • Medicine Hat Public School District #76 (MHP),
    1. Allegations of deception of the public by Board Members and Administration.
    2. Allegations of threats, intimidation, and harassment of parents, staff, and students by Administration and Board Members.
    3. Allegations that schools within the district were encouraging and engaged in cross dressing activities with students.
    4. Allegations of disregard for instructions given by the Court of Queens Bench with respect to an appeal of a petition submitted to the MHP Board similar to the petition submitted to the CBE.
  • Lethbridge School District #51 (LSD51),
    1. Allegations of mismanagement of a petition submitted by the public, with similar intent as the petition rejected by the CBE.
    2. Allegations of residents from outside LSD51 participating and voting in process that came as a result of the aforementioned petition.
  • Battle River School Division (BRSD),
    1. Attempts by the BRSD to discriminate against Cornerstone Christian Academy for their religious beliefs.
    2. Attempts by BRSD to label portions of the Bible as hate speech.
  • Sturgeon Public School Division
    1. Allegations of threats, intimidation, and harassment of both students and parents of Sturgeon Country High School, by both board members and administrative staff in an attempt to silence debate and opposition by the majority against the changes to bathroom policy imposed by the Board, under the direction of Alberta Education and the Office of the Minister of Education.
  • St Paul Education Regional Division No. 1 (SPERD1)
    1. [EDIT: It has come to our attention that some of the details in this section were inaccurate or based on conjecture. Namely that this was not the correct school division. SPERD1 has no allegations against it. This concern is withdrawn. More accurate information may be provided if or when available.]

As previously stated, this is not an exhaustive list, but it is extensive, and considering that none of these concerns have been fully addressed, and put to rest, it gives the public the perception of systemic problems of sexual misconduct and rights abuses within Alberta Education.

As an advocate for the governed to those that govern, we believe that it is both within your authority and mandate to open an investigation to get to the truth of these matters. Some of the undersigned have had direct involvement in the process in several of the concerns listed and have come away feeling rejected, disrespected, ignored, and condescended to.

Because of the rejection by all levels of the Alberta Ministry of Education, and even some courts, we believe that this is our last resort and hope of seeing these concerns resolved, and we fear that should an investigation not be opened by some level of government or law enforcement, all trust in Alberta Education will be permanently damaged beyond hope of repair. Throwing this province we call home into crises.

It is with reconciliation and hope of restored trust that we make this request of you.

The Undersigned:

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The Eminent Sire’s Pontifications Episode 4 Dangerous People Pt. 2 – The 3 ‘I’s in Education

[UPDATE:] More articles on the attack upon the foundations of Society.

Life Site News seems to be the largest group to pick up this story? Wonder why that is?

Alberta’s NDP says Christian school cannot state that God’s authority supersedes human authority

Canadian province demands faith-based schools purge religious content from policies

[UPDATE:] Video from John Carpay of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.

Alberta Government Attacking Religious Schools

Alberta Education states that failure to remove the religious content from a school’s “Safe and Caring” policies “may result in funding implications … and the suspension or cancellation of accreditation.”The Justice Centre represents parents and dozens of schools in a constitutional challenge to the Bill 24 secrecy provisions, which require withholding information from parents about their own children.Learn more about this case at www.JCCF.ca

Posted by Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on Friday, September 28, 2018

[UPDATE:] Some additional articles on this topic have been published just in the last 24 hours. You can find them highlighted in the references link.

Good evening concerned parents.  [Skip to 7:50 to bypass all this extra stuff and get to the topic.]

Welcome episode 4 pt 2 of ESP

Long time since last update.  Have good reason. The material just keeps coming at a fever pitch.

First, a note about some of the changes to the website I’m making.

I’ve set up the Disqus commenting system, so that you don’t need an account on cposd76.com to talk about posts. You do still have to have an account to post to the Forums.

I’ve eliminated the parent watch ‘post’ page, and just made the forums the parent watch page. The separate page was redundant, and the forums do the job nicely.

You will notice in the coming weeks several Facebook feeds being incorporated directly into the site. These are from partners and like minded political and advocacy groups. (Greater detail in video on this.)

I’m developing an app that will post content from this site directly to facebook the minute it goes live. This way we will have content flowing both ways, and circumvent some of facebook’s manipulations.

I’ll be making a few changes to the resources and ‘get involved’ pages. They are in dire need of an update.

A quick update on C.P.O.S. and what is going on there. That too has been delayed.

Changes to law and outcomes from court cases, scheduling difficulties, time, and finances have caused delays, in prongs of the plan, but they are still moving forward.

The planned meetings for the Create prong are still being organized. Slated most likely for October.

Finally, the Dangerous people in Education, and boy oh boy, do I have a lot of material for this.

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The Alberta K-4 draft curriculum, dangerous people, and the new caste system.

I’ve decided the best way to convey my concerns with the curriculum rewrite is through video, and for those that just want the highlights, I’ve included the outline I used to make the video. Not as much is conveyed, but you get the basic idea of where I am going with the video.

Curriculum meeting opened with a first nations land acknowledgment.

Host spoke of a process to nominate ‘experts’ who helped write the curriculum. No details on who or how were given.

The draft was divided into 5 sections. Math, arts, science, health, and social(ism).

Each section was essentially set up to show goals of concepts conveyed, what vague general items they were trying to convey for those goals, and what the students were supposed to take away from those conveyed concepts.

Arts and Social(ism) were clearly the focus, and Math and Science appeared to be the smallest. (I may be wrong on Math, but it was a small section of the wall, and I didn’t have time to go over it.)

The entire process seemed to indicate to me that they were not really interested in changing anything substantial, just that they wanted to gauge how well it would be received, and change some of the wording to be “more positive” and acceptable when they come out with the next draft.

The intent of the new curriculum seems to be focused on 3 main points:

  1. Changing from the Ministry of Education, to the ministry of parenting.
  2. Infusing identity politics, ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’ and native spiritual and cultural traditions into everything.
  3. Rewriting society and throwing out all standards of civilization for the establishment of a single world wide socialist state. Your children are the revolutionary agents of change to be the foundation of fodder for the new society.

The meetings were not set up for you to have any sort of reasonable amount of time to give proper feedback. I went to both sessions, and was only able to cover a “Cole’s Notes” overview of about half of it. Each 1.5 hour session had .5 hours of introduction (,including the first nations spiel,) and explanation of what it was they were allowing us to see.

Here is what I got from the individual groups:

1. Math

Didn’t have time to cover it. Appeared to be small, and given what I know of the “new math,” did wish to waste what little time I had on it.

2. Arts.

Clearly their main focus. Massive section. Outpaced all the other groups by several pages of objectives. What better section to incorporate culture and traditions than in the arts. Didn’t go over it.

3. Science

I had the least issue with Science, and the answer I got to questions were direct and refreshing. No attempts to deflect or imply that I was reading into it things that were not there. The main issue I had was a section on energy, and interconnections between all living things, and a deliberate injection of first nations traditions in the ‘science’.

4. Health

Health is where you really see their focus on becoming parents. I was surprised a potty training session wasn’t on the list. Issues of consent are in every grade. Implicitly in K and explicitly in 1-4. There is also crazy ideas of personal space, and parents needing to get permission from kids. (Even for hugging.) Lot of focus on identity, and mental health. (The kids knowing mental health, not the adults.) And there was something about Digital Citizenship responsibilities in grade 1. Not a fan of the sex ed/puberty talks in grade 4 either. Ya, that was in the old curriculum, (or so I’m told,) but just because it was before doesn’t mean it should be there now.

5. Social(ism) Studies

Global citizenship was a goal in every section, every grade. It was the one thing they wanted kids to believe. They also encouraged kids to be activists, and to set their value based on their identity group. Social Studies had zero history, and the only group that wasn’t included was white people. Social Studies was clearly written by the dangerous people peterson is talking about in the below video.

Other links referenced in the video:

California University Encourages Parents To Let Kids Watch Porn

5-Year-Old Boys In Skirts: UK Introduces ‘Gender Neutral,’ Trans-Sensitive School Uniform Codes

Skirts are cool, boys are told: School bans shorts in summer in favour of ‘gender neutral’ uniform policy

WALSH: We Could Reclaim The Culture If We Had Even A Tiny Bit Of Courage

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Peoplekind & Pernicious Public Policy

(Photo by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

On Tuesday February 6th I shared on my public Facebook page, an article about a Father Daughter dance at a school in Statin Island that was canceled because of gender neutral policies. I made a reference to how it was more evidence that the LGBT™ hate the family. Which they do, and the hate crimes against the family continue to mount, but I’m getting off track here….

I’m sure you all have either seen or heard our Prime Minister’s ridiculous assertion that “mankind” be replaced with “peoplekind,” and then his double down absurdity that he was joking. Just ignore his past behaviour of declaring himself a Feminist, that his sons suffer from toxic masculinity, that he pushed through C-16, a law about forcing a change in language, or his demand that all Canadians swear allegiance to his party’s believe that baby murder is OK. Ignore all that. Ignore that he has since told government employees that they are not alowed to call people Mr., Mrs., or Miss., and that Father and Mother are outlawed terms. Trudeau was tooaootally joking.

“It was a joke.” – Trudeau

We are seeing a trend. A very unsettling trend. A trend descending into madness and tyranny, and to be frank, I’m getting tired of pulling peoples heads out of the ground. Look, I get it, you are tired. You are busy. You are trying to eek out a living, and you are doing the best you can to provide for your family and educate your kids. I had a resident recently say, “We need to get these people voted out.” We just had an election, and the majority kept the status quo. The cold hard reality is, most of you aren’t helping the situation. The last school municipal election saw 6000 votes. Out of 60,000? Nearly three times that voted for city council. Are you telling me you could get out to vote for a mayor, but not a school board? I’m hearing the Catholic Board vote numbers were just as abysmal. Lets take the two combined. Do you expect me to believe that only 20% of the population of Medicine Hat has kids? (Ignoring that you don’t have to have kids to vote for a school board.) The government isn’t going to leave you alone, they are already going after your kids.

I can’t put it any other way. If you didn’t vote, you have contributed to the problem. But lets not cry over spilled milk. The past is the past, and although we need to learn from it, (which AB Ed doesn’t seem to be able or want to do,) we do not need to dwell on it. So, how can you help, and how can you fix this?

How can you help. How can you fix this?

Well first, admit and recognize the problem. What exactly is the problem you ask? Well you could read through the old post on here to learn in more detail, but it can be summed up in one word. Pernicious. You see, over the last couple of years, I have struggled to find language that can get my point across, make people uncomfortable enough to pay attention, and drive people to action. The ‘left’ has done such a fine job in redefining everything from lying, to rape, that it is near impossible to have an intelligent conversation anymore. Truth isn’t even THE truth anymore, it is YOUR truth.

So in my effort to stay informed and educated on world events that will affect my family, I came across a video clip from Fox News Insider. In which Jordan Peterson is being interviewed about the range of topics I’ve mentioned above (Trudeau, Peoplekind, Father Daughter Dances, Ze, Zer, and Zem). At one point while talking about policy to enforce language, he states

“It is not compassion and care that is driving this. It is the desire to put forward a very pernicious ideology.” – Jordan Peterson

It struck me. There is the perfect word to describe the problem in our school district, and Alberta Education as a whole. Best of all, untainted by the language jackboots. But I better give you the definition before I continue, or they may have a chance to defile it.

“Definition of pernicious
1 : highly injurious or destructive : deadly
2 archaic : wicked” – Merriam-Webster

No word better describes the situation in Alberta Education.
David Eggen’s Bill-24 was/is Pernicious.
Kris Well’s handling of the GSA Network was Pernicious.
Eggen’s attack on Wisdom Home School was Pernicious.
Rachel Notley’s statements about Catholic education were Pernicious.
Alberta Health telling parents their 3 year old might be trans-gender is Pernicious.
The ASBA, PSBA, and ATA attack on school choice was Pernicious.
The deception of and lies told to parents by the Calgary, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat School Board’s was Pernicious.
The Guidelines to Best Practices (GTBP) are Pernicious.
The handling of SCHS Washroom issues is Pernicious.
The handling of bullying at Alexandra School is Pernicious. (They know what I am talking about.)
The unjust persecution of students who have refused the enlightenment of the LGTB™ at Medicine Hat High is Pernicious. (Again, they know what I am talking about.)

Honestly, I don’t care if what I just said offends you. You should actually be offended by the obscene actions I’ve just listed. You should be irate. Blistering with intolerance. One does not tolerate if your child is shooting up with heroine in your home. That is what is happening with Alberta Education. The education minister, Guidelines to Best Practices, and the various local school boards are forcing your kids to adopt, celebrate and participate in a pernicious life of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that will destroy their lives. It will remove any chance of them being content with their bodies, having healthy long term relationships with partners, and in 2/3rds of the education, remove any hope of having children….unless of course they take the children from the parents that wouldn’t push this pernicious life.

Evil should never be tolerated, no matter how much you dress it up.

The parent council of Ross Glen Elementary told me a few months ago that the Alberta Health Services resource on sex and sexuality was a great source of help for parents, and that is why they were endorsing and promoting it at the school. As I told them, a resource that talks about preventing STD/Is, but then says a 3 year old can be trans-gender, is a terrible resource. (It is also child abuse.) It shows  that AHS doesn’t even understand basic human biology, medicine, or pediatric development. AHS, is there by the least competent organization to be educating on sexual health.

Hitler took Germany out of the worst economic disaster in it’s history and turned into a super power. But we don’t have children read “Mein Kampf” in school, or recommend it as reading material for political office. The Guidelines to Best Practices may say ‘bullying’ is bad, and tell you to treat everyone equally, but when they say this is done by making the sexually ‘diverse’ more equal than everyone else, and saying that uncles who identify as aunts should be allowed in the change room with nieces, you need to reevaluate it’s value as a whole. I mean, it’s first version recommended that students call each other comrade. Comrade. That isn’t a great resource, it is trash with a bow on top. At that point you start over, with less self-serving individuals developing it. Evil should never be tolerated, no matter how much you dress it up. If you can’t cut the uncomfortable stuff out of the Bible, or the koran, you can’t cut the uncomfortable stuff out of the GTPB. You adopt it as a whole, or not at all.

How do you stop this pernicious direction of the government?

The coming years are not going to be easy. We are stuck with essentially the same school board for the next three and a half years, and we have to put up with the tyranny of the NDP for the next one and a half at least. We know they are not above insulting, lying, harassing, and general childish tantrums, so how do you stop this pernicious direction of the government?

The Concerned Parents of SD76 have come up with a 4 pronged plan to help combat this pernicious governance, but it is going to take parents of conviction who are committed and willing to put the best interests of their children above all the threats, harassment, and general childish tantrums of the LGBT™, Alberta Education, the NDP and their (philosophical) hit squads in social/media.

The plan is being called CPOS. Create, protect, orate, and solidify. Ya, terrible acronym, but have you seen the current LGBT™ one? It has a 2 in it. So you will have to excuse me for not caring about how well it rolls off the tongue.

Over the next Month, I will be making 4 seperate posts about what exactly each prong of the ‘4orked’ plan is, and how the coalition hopes to implement it. For now though, there are two prongs you can get started on yourself.

Explain that you do not support the sexualization of our children…

Protect: April 23rd, 2018 is international walk out day to protest the obscene, abusive, bigoted, and abhorrent sex education that is being forced in schools around the world. (Bill-24 provides no limits to the material that your child can be exposed to at school.) I encourage every parent, who’s children are not home schooled, to pull their child out of school on April 23rd. Explain that you do not support the sexualization of our children for the satisfaction of adults with unhealthy obsessions over the sexual development of other people’s pre-pubescent children, that Bill-24 is an unconstitutional violation of human rights, and that parents have first discretion and authority over their children and their education, not the government. Do this whether your school has supported the family or not, as a show of solidarity to those who have not had the ability or choice to send their children to a school that supports their rights.

Orate: Take the time April 23rd to educate yourself and others on the dangers of Bill-24, what is being taught in your district on gender identity and sexuality. Familiarize yourself with the details of your districts ‘safe and caring’ policy, and learn if it really is ‘inclusive, equal, safe and caring’. Share what you learned on social media and at family outings. The time to keep silent has passed. Leaving them alone will not make them leave you alone. Living in a bubble will not help your children.
Let people know that Bill 24 is being challenged by over a dozen individuals and groups, and that the government is trying to cross a line that they “shall not pass.”

Our governance and education is swiftly moving toward a tyrannical system of oppression and malevolent malfeasance, and we need to stand up to it, or face a generation or more of misery.


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Toe the party line, whether you are part of the party or not!

I thought I would highlight some things that have happened in the past few weeks around the world. Maybe you should as well.


So last week, the Communist Party of China (CPC) . . . the only party in China, moved to make President Xi, president for life. Then, in a not unheard of move, the CPC banned Animal Farm and oddly the letter ‘N’ from the Internet. This ridiculousness led to a reporter, disgusted with a staged news event in China being stripped of her news credentials. This isn‘t all that surprising after all, this is China, a Communist dystopia.

United Kingdom

Ya, that isn‘t a good example. Let’s move a little further west. How about the UK? Ya, tea and crumpets and all that. God save the Queen etc. After all, Canada was founded on British principles. Well, just a few days ago Lauren Southern was on her way to England, after wrapping up a documentary on the oppressive racism against the Boer in South Africa, that by all accounts is likely to become a genocide or civil war. She was entering from the Calais France border. She was detained under the Schedule 7 anti-terrorism act of the UK. The Brits wanted to ban her from their British utopia, but didn‘t have anything to charge her with. So they held her and interrogated her until they found out she called Allah gay as part of a social experiment. It’s OK to call God a gay trans woman in the UK, but not Allah. They then unceremoniously banned her from the UK a_d they dropped her alone outside the wall at 6am, in a city notorious for raping young white female journalists and aid workers. Her crime? Racism of course, and being a threat to the stability of the UK!

Ya, I know what you are thinking. The UK has the right to ban whoever they want. Even if it is based on xenophobic anti religious sentiment. Its not like their was a massive cover-up of Islamic rape gangs in the UK. Not like 1000s of girls in Rotherham and Telford were abused for decades by Muslim sex rings. It isn’t like the police were more afraid of being called racist than protecting the children. Not like they called 11 year olds prostitutes and threated the families of the victims. No not like any of that happened.

United States

Ya, Lauren Southern may be Canadian, but that doesn‘t protect her from the UK’s rules, so let’s move even further west, and a bit south. After all, the U.S. is the land of the free, and the home of the brave! Just yesterday hundreds of children marched out of class, to protest guns with a list of demands that were clearly not written by them. This wouldn‘t be all that bad in and of it self, but there are reports now of students being threatened by principals with arrest, and instances of assault against students for disagreeing with the protests. Ben Shapiro stated in yesterday’s (March 14th) podcast that he was getting 100s of letters by students that are being bullied and threatened for not participating in the protests. E-mails coming in live as he was speaking. The Day finished with a teacher being suspended for suggesting that walkouts could be organized for anything. Even pro-life events.

You may be rationalizing it by saying those kids were insensitive by being pro gun at a ‘rally’ for victims of gun violence. Hate speech doesn‘t protect you from the consequences of your actions. I’m not going to concede that point, but let’s move on. So speaking about gun’s isn’t OK, but what about  Trans-gender. Surely someone’s identity is protected, and they can freely express it. That wouldn‘t get them censored or oppressed, would it?

Last week Steven Crowder was told he wasn‘t welcome at South by South West (SXSW is a nerdy event similar to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, which incidentally I was banned from having a table at because of my affiliation with Christians, but that is another story,) because of a stunt he pulled last year where crashed a panel by “The Young Turks,” by impersonating Cenk Uygur. This “OF COUUURSE” was funny, but it got him and Notgay Jared banned for life. So this year, Crowder had one of his employees, Sven Computer, go to SXSW and crash a Trans meet up, as Sven Computer identifies as a computer, and he has identified as such for well over a year. Sven computer mistakenly thought self-identity was sacrosanct.

Though Sven Computer wasn‘t violent, and did nothing criminal he was thrown out of the event, and the minute Crowder tried to upload the video to twitter, him and everyone involved was immediately banned from Twitter. The video was banned from Youtube and Facebook, and people circulated a petition ‘demanding’ that Crowder take down the video from his own platform … for some reason.

So what they came to know is what I came to know last year. Self identity is only acceptable if you also align with the politics of those that want self identity to be accepted, and it has to be the the right kind of self identity. Identifying as a Sire apparently isn’t ‘the right kind’. As Jordan Peterson would say, they, like Hamas, surround themselves with ‘victims’ (of their own defined standard,) so that if you ‘attack’ their believes, you have collateral damage to prop up and beat the ‘aggressors’ with.

Ok, but that is social media, and ‘private’ events. They can set their own rules. Ban or kick whoever they want for whatever they want. Just ignore the wedding cakes for gay people exception. Surely Canada isn‘t involved in any of this tyranny. We are the thank you people. The friendly lumberjacks with maple candies. You couldn‘t possibly think that is happening here!


I’ll bet you are getting pretty annoyed with how hard it is getting to read this. Well, I hope you are a patient human, as we just entered Canada, and what you can and can‘t say under the new Liberal/NDP tyranny is only going to make this worse. Canada is the place where you can have your kids taken from you for not encouraging them to cut their penis off. The country where you must swear before the Dear Leader and his Cabinet that you are not pro-life, and would not try to fix your trans-child. The country that has premiers that will throw you in prison on charges literally made up by the police because you are pro-life, and it doesn‘t matter if you are 17 or 70. An injustice that they want to bring to other provinces.

When I was a child, I was proud of my country. I was proud of the freedom we had. I was proud of the sacrifice my grand parents made to protect our freedom. Then we started slaughtering children, with no restrictions. A claim only 3 countries in the world can pin on their chest. Then came gay unions. Well, love is love, except when it isn‘t. Then ‘sex ed’ and tolerance. Then euthanasia, legalized drugs, younger euthanasia, forcing doctors to recommend abortion, forcing parents to teach kids things contrary to their believes, hate speech, ‘islamophobia’, and even acceptable antisemitism

Now if I were to pull out a book I read in school on the horrors of East Germany, the USSR, or Mao’s China, I would almost think they were describing Canada without the mass starvation. Canada’s political position and policies are hardly distinguishable from pre-war Nazi Germany. Those same books I read as a child would probably be banned now, or at the very least ‘problematic’. Instead they are replaced with wholesome stories of cross-dressing 5 year olds.

Freedom is dying in Canada, and it is because not enough good men are standing up to the evil that is succeeding in this country. History will spit on our memory as they look back at how so many wasted their time on bread and circuses, while the evil one took our children and put them through the meat grinder of tolerance.

While screaming at the top of their lungs that words are hurtful and violent, that they have meaning, and shouldn‘t be said rashly, they are hypocritically telling us that policies like 622 and laws like Bill-24 are just words. You can trust them to use ‘common sense’ when applying them, as they toss another 5 year old into a GSA to be told that their body is a mistake, and they need to change it. All in secret, so that parents don‘t know the abuse their child is being subjected to by ‘professional’ identifiers of being born in the wrong body.

The ideology of the left is demonstrably evil. Repeated countless times throughout human history. Begetting only misery, despair, and death. Yet, just as we had to fight and die to stop nazi/fasc/social/communismm’s ‘utopia’ in the 30s, so to I’m afraid we will have to be fighting and dying to stop nazi/fasc/social/communism in the 30s. Unless of course we get a few 1000 more good courageous men to take their ‘methods’ and stick them back in the hellhole they came from.

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Repent O Canada!

WALSH: Dear Churches, If You Aren’t Making People ‘Feel Judged,’ You Aren’t Doing Your Job

As I[Jeremy] went into the election, wanting to change the public education education for the better. Removing the evil which has been enshrined by the Provincial government. I wanted to stop the preying upon our children by sexual deviants and predators. I wanted to stop the foolish capitulation to wicked ideas of government intrusion and interference in the God given inalienable rights of family.

As I did all this, I was attacked and accused of being a judgmental intolerant bigot. Not just by those outside of religion, or faith, but by pastors, parishioners, and churches alike.(You know who you are.) Many of whom currently work in the education system. People with first hand knowledge of the evil practices that have embedded themselves into the system. Even had pastors and parishioners question the faith and salvation of those who supported me. (Again you know who you are.) All in a loving non-judgmental tolerant compassionate way of course.

I’m not saying this because I am hurt, and wish to receive sympathy, no

John 15:18-35 – 18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. 21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. 22 If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. 23 Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. 24 If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. 25 But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’

I’m saying this because Walsh is right. If the church is indistinguishable from the world, what is the point? If “You do you bro, no judement,” is the mantra of the Church, than the whole faith is pointless. Just as feelings can’t change your biology, neither can feelings change morality.
Walsh doesn’t mince words to be sure, (I like to think I don’t either,) but his article is SPOT ON for the wider church. You can not convict people of their sins, if you refuse to declare them sins.

Romans 10:14 – How then can they call on the One they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to preach?

Stop self-identifying as trans-ostrich

This post isn’t for those who do not believe, or do not go to church. This is for those who believe, for those who go to church. It is to those believers in the education system, and the provincial government. In the courts, and the hospitals. To those that were unwilling to accept the reality of what is being pushed in schools, courts, and public squares across this country. Stop self-identifying as trans-ostrich, and pull your heads out of the sand, or wherever else you’ve managed to stick them to keep yourself in the dark as to what has happened in Canada, and the west in general.

Judgement is upon us whether we like to judge or not. The day of the Lord is coming. Canada is a hot mess. Mayor’s are doing drugs, Prime Ministers are stealing from Canadians to take vacations. Premier’s are telling you to offer up your daughters to the trans-people of Sodom, or they will come and force you to. Babies are being sacrificed to Moloch by the millions. The writings of people who tutored parents on how to rape their children are being used to instruct your kids on sex. The job’s are disappearing, crops are becoming unaffordable. Taxes are being levied to support corruption.

We stand as the barrier between prosperity and destruction. We are the salt, but have we lost our savor? Are we bringing flavor, or are we good only for deicing the TransCanada? There is no separation of social-conservative(moral-Christian), and fiscal-conservative (economic-Christian.) The government will not save us. They will not save our children. They can not save our country. Only one thing will heal our land, restore our economy, and postpone the judgment that is coming.

“2 Chronicles 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Repent O Church of Canada!

Repent. Repent O Church of Canada! Repent of our complacency. Repent of our capitulation. Repent of our cowardice. Repent of our idolatry, our murder of the unborn, our lust, our divorce, our adultery, our porn, our fornication, our greed, our covetousness. Turn from our wicked ways. Rise up people of God. Take a stand. Rejoice in the insults, attacks, beatings, and imprisonment for truth. Pray for the salvation of those who berate us. Rise up those amongst us who can be leaders. Police, Doctors, Trustees, MLAs, Premier’s, MPs, and PMs who have the fear of the Lord, and will not compromise to Evil wherever it may lurk so that this generation might be spared.

Repent. Repent O Canada! Before God’s hand writes it on the wall or

“4…a voice from heaven say[s]:
“‘Come out of her, my people,’
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
for her sins are piled up to heaven,
and God has remembered her crimes.
Give back to her as she has given;
pay her back double for what she has done.
Pour her a double portion from her own cup.
Give her as much torment and grief
as the glory and luxury she gave herself.
In her heart she boasts,
‘I sit enthroned as queen.
I am not a widow;[c]
I will never mourn.’
Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
death, mourning and famine.
She will be consumed by fire,
for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” – Revelation 18:4-8

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Why knowing what idea of ‘consent’ is taught is important.

Earlier in the week Premier Notley said “… under no circumstances will we enforce or condone a sexual health curriculum that normalizes an absence of consent,” but did not provide a reference to what she took issue with in the proposed Catholic Curriculum. As was discovered after her statements, this was because there was nothing in the curriculum to have given her the impression that absence of consent was being taught.

Last Wednesday the 25th, I shared on my facebook page Jason’s Kenney’s defense of the Catholic Curriculum, and I mentioned how Notley had brought up consent, and I wished for some clarification from her on what idea of consent should be taught. I’ve since spent the better part of a week reading comments of hate for Catholic Education, and rebutting accusations that I was spreading fake news. The premier of Alberta can insinuate that Catholic’s want to teach that rape is OK, based on literally nothing, but ask her to explain her idea of ‘consent’ and suddenly, you are the bad guy.

Why is Notley’s idea of consent important? Well during the brouhaha, Notley also said “Parents have the right — and they have had the right for a very, very long time — to pull their kids from curriculum and education around sexual health. And they will continue to have that right.” I found that statement interesting, as it is clearly not true, and her own government is working on removing a parents right to know. CHAT wanted to make sure that was very clear during municipal elections. It also seems interesting that Notley brought up ‘opt-out’ while talking about ‘consent.’ Parental consent seems to be important enough to her definition to bring it up at the same time.

It is very clear that Notley and the NDP have a completely different idea of what consent means, after all, she thinks the Catholic’s idea is that it is ok to force your spouse. What does she base that on? Clearly not anything written in the proposed catholic curriculum. She also doesn’t think parental consent for 5-17 year old’s is necessary to instruct kids on things as complex as transgenderism, Eggen is planning to put that all through the curriculum, so opting out is no longer going to be an option. So how does Notley define consent? Who gets to give it? According to Eggen, the student. (IE the CHILD) Is Notley’s idea the same as Eggen’s? We are left only to speculate. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t line up with Sweden’s. After all, Sweden’s is the holy grail of tolerance and diversity. (A couple of other words that Notley needs to define her understanding of.)

Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants


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