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The 2019 Alberta Election

Well, the Alberta Election is on, and the candidates are hitting the ground running. Notley dropped the writ, kicked open the door of the legislature, and came out spinning her arms wildly, flinging as many insults, and as much mud as possible at Kenney and the UCP. Thus far, watching the election really has been like watching spoiled siblings try to hurt each other as badly as possible, while simultaneously being terrified of getting hurt themselves, while the responsible sibling has to babysit them and keep them from destroying the house until mom and pop get back from marriage counseling. Sometime in October, at the latest. Of course the responsible sibling isn’t without their problems, but they can keep it together long enough….at least that is what everyone hopes. Which is why I’m writing this post.

A couple days ago….or was it just yesterday….I don’t know, time seems to be relative these days, I wrote a post on my Facebook page, stating that I disagreed with Kenney on the GSA issue. Now, I never said I wasn’t supporting U.C.P., or that I was telling people to vote for some other party, but some thought I was attacking Kenney. Some thought I was showing that the election was pointless. Some thought it was all hopeless. Some were afraid I would bring 4 more years of the NDP. I wasn’t doing any of that, nor was my intent to remove hope from peoples minds. My intent was actually to spur people on, to stay active, keep up their guard, and continue to press for change, even after the election. To show that even if the U.C.P. make government, there is still work to be done.

One of the sad things about our society today, is that the snow flake, oppressed, ‘tolerant’, feelings based, victim Olympics, has made most everyone utterly incapable of hearing, participating in, or acknowledge constructive criticism, rebuke, or debate. This has made critical thinking and discernment, (some call that discrimination,) nigh impossible. We then tell people what they were saying for them. Some take advantage of this, using vague and ambiguous language, so that they can be interpreted however they want, depending on the circumstance, and others do it quite unintentionally or unknowingly.

In my post disagreeing with Kenney, I thought I was making it clear that I liked what the U.C.P. plan, regarding removing Bill-24, was going to be, but that I simply disagreed that the A.T.A. or any other professional organization should 100% be trusted to be making decisions about other peoples children. There needs to be oversight, and consequences for abusing that trust.

So in an effort help people understand how I can be in support of a party or a candidate, and still be critical of them, or make them uncomfortable, I will attempt to explain how I come to a decision on who I vote for, and maybe, others will see the value in that process, and help them decide who to vote for.

My voting process consists of 3 levels based around the Beliefs, positions, and values at that level:

  1. Personal
  2. Party
  3. Candidate

If I can’t find a voting option at a lower level, I go up 1 level, and see if there is any position I can or am willing to change or compromise on, and then go back down a level, and see what new options might be available. I know this sounds funny when you read it, but this all actually goes on in peoples heads, for a great deal many of the decisions in their lives. It’s called a logic tree. I’m also prone to thinking in this manner, as I’m a programmer, but it is useful in critical thinking, because if your logic tree breaks a branch, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the idea you are trying to analyze.


My personal beliefs are always at the top. They are founded on a solid rock. That cornerstone is Jesus Christ. Everything I try to be, is based on Him. My position on all issues go back to what His position is. Are all my positions set in stone? No, many are, but others do shift, because I am fallible. I may be misinformed, confused, or just plane stubborn because I don’t want to accept the truth, or give up some thing I value. If I ever got to the point where I thought I was set on every single issue, and every single topic, then I have truly fallen from my rock.

There are some issues that are not debatable. Some things that are observably true, and to change my position on them, or compromise, would be to compromise reality, and the foundation by which I am anchored to. Those things include such issues as abortion, euthanasia, biology, faith, and marriage. Those issues can never be compromised. These issues usually help narrow down the choice of parties. Thankfully, I’ve never been left with no choice at this stage, but I could see it happening. Especially if cultural trends continue, and parties become hopeless to change.


Choosing which party I vote for is easily narrowed down by finding out what their principles are, and a little bit by their platform. For instance, I would never vote for a party that is based on Marxist principles. Be it socialist, communist, or fascist. Marxist principles are fundamentally anti-God, anti-Family, and anti-Individual Responsibility. They are collectivist, totalitarian, and tyrannical at their core. Marxist political parties can be tied directly to the deaths of 180million people in the last century, and that number continues to climb. This puts parties like the N.D.P. and the Alberta Party firmly in the NO vote category, and by the logic tree, any candidate representing those parties, as they are saying they believe in and support the Marxist principles of their party.

Liberal or libertarian parties can still remain in the ‘maybe’ or ‘backup’ pile, but it heavily depends on their platforms, and their record of whether they truly hold to ‘liberal’ principles. Liberal parties tend to be more anarchical than liberal, and they remind me of the old Biblical phrase, “and every man did what was right in his own eyes.” The Liberal Party of Canada for instance, by its fruit, is actually more like red N.D.P.ers. (Red Communists?) I’d never vote for the L.P.C., just based on their track record.

So that just leaves the various conservative parties.


No we get to the last level of the logic tree. This is where we get the responsibility of getting to know the individual that says they will represent you. When I’ve gotten to this level, and I decide I don’t like the candidate, and I have to go back up a level, it is usually because I have serious issues with the candidate. There is something really rank about them, or alarm bells are going off. It could be a high degree of untrustworthiness, or they openly display contrary values to that of the party they say they represent. I’ve only had to vote for a different party because a candidate was this bad once, and my second choice wasn’t all that bad.

Fortunately, this election, I know the U.C.P. candidates for Cypress-Medicine Hat, and Brooks-Medicine Hat well enough to know I will not have any trouble voting for the one that will represent me. They are both the kinds of people I would be proud to see elected. (I know that last paragraph was a bit awkward to read, but the constituency lines moved this election, and I’m now in a different riding.)

I hope you now understand how I come to a decision on who to vote for, and that what I’ve said might help you develop your own process for deciding who to vote for. Choosing who to vote for is not a simple task, and it should be given a great deal of thought. Your choice can affect generations of people coming after you, so please don’t base your choice on feelings, fears, or promises. Give it a somber second thought.

I hope you now also understand why I may criticize someone I may be voting for. I am striving to make a good choice better. I wish to see the best option possible, and the best future possible for our children, and their children. I can not simply give up fighting because I saw ‘my team’ win. ‘My team,’ can always use improvement, and the best way to do that is to stay involved, and let them know when I think they are making a mistake.

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Government Criminality

Where do I begin? It’s an honest question. There is just so much going on. The insanity, corruption, bigotry, it’s over 9000. Daily I read dozens of stories that just make you ask, “When is Jesus coming back?” “How long Lord, how long?” Even comedians who take a 1.5 month hiatus are coming back, and having too much to mock to even bother going over it all.

Just last weekend saw thousands of people across the political spectrum slandering a group of boys, with no evidence, and only a substantially edited video by a man with a sordid history of lying and bigotry. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the boys of Covington did that was so heinous? I see many still condemning them for ‘disrespect’. For smiling. Heaven forbid someone smile today. What a great offense, but I’m getting off topic.

You might not know it by the flood of links and comments I put on my Facebook page, but I actually have many many more that I don’t share, and I don’t write about or comment on. It would be a full time job, and I have one already. You would be surprised how many times I’ve started to wright something, and then shelved it in the void of wordpress ‘drafts’.

For instance, that visceral, condescending ,claptrap of a commercial Gillette put out. That commercial saw me taking a different stance than “Focus on the Family”. An organization my family and I have supported for decades and is linked to on this site. One I even did volunteer work for years ago. You have no idea how much I wanted to write about that, but a lot of other good people got it covered.

No, I leave the mundane dailies to my shares on that fraudulent two faced corporation with a forked tongue, known as Facebook. Most of what I read is just snippets that people need to be aware of, not things they specifically need to take action on, or really would care to be concerned about enough for me to urge them to take note.

I save the really egregious, outrageous, and lesser known topics for this site. Those topics that will directly affect you. That will harm you, your family, or livelihood. Those items that are, (or should be, ) of serious concern to the parents of SD76 and beyond.

For instance, did you know that a policy is being tabled tonight at the Medicine Hat Public School District Board Meeting, that will make your personal social media conduct subject to discipline by the Board? All you need do is volunteer in any capacity whatsoever for anything in the district, and magically, an appointed representative of the superintendent can scour your history for anything that they think may “reflect negatively” on the district. Now, I’ll not go into this as yet, as the Board will not have even been given this suggested policy until Tonight’s meeting, and what I do next is dependent on how the Board receives it. It will never work, and is unmanageable anyway. This does however lead into my whole point of writing this post. Government Criminality.

I will not pretend that anyone that knows me in even the slightest, doesn’t know who I will not be voting for in the upcoming election, but those who know me more closely, and follow what I wright, know I call out lies, injustice, and evil no matter the party affiliation. See my “PRIDE goes before destruction” article if you are skeptical. That one destroyed any chances I had for provincial political aspirations, had I made them. Heck I’ve even been known to defend people that I’ve had a falling out with. So why do I need to state this preamble?

Well, what we have witnessed over the last couple of years, is a sharp rise in mainstreaming government criminality. This was happening to a smaller extent under the PC party in Alberta, but with the rise of the NDP and their now obviously apparent corruption, the under belly of unions and tyrants have seen it as their time to make their bold and debased move for power and indecency before that opportunity is lost in May.

I needed to make known to you that I’m not ‘picking’ on the NDP. I’m not a partisan campaign outlet. I have only one party loyalty, and only one platform. That of my Lord Jesus Christ, and the truth that is his word, which is written in the Bible. That being said, in my opinion, the NDP (the party) are just like Palpatine, beyond hope of turning things around. They feed off of evil policy. They have sold themselves to the prince of lies, and in fact [show this. ] [Repeatedly.]

I still hold out hope that Kenney, and the UCP will honour their word, and that the party isn’t beyond hope. To quote Luke Skywalker, “Because there is good in him, I’ve felt it. … I can turn him back to the good side. I have to try.” The UCP can’t rest easy though, because I’ll be on them as quick as I was on Doug Ford for his lies about the Sex Ed repeal.

Also…um well, I need the preamble because the NDP are now, like criminal thugs, openly lying to the courts, flaunting the law, and persecuting people in secret courts, where you are not allowed to defend yourself. They are the epitome of an evil wicked illegitimate government, and you need to make sure that you make it known that you don’t work for any party, lest they come in the night and disappear you, (metaphorically of course.)

I’ve had interesting interactions with the Rebel over the years. I followed them for a while, then I stopped, and shortly there after they had that disaster with Faith Goldy, and that face palm incident with hush money in the UK, but that is actually besides the point. The point is, what the NDP are doing to them is criminal. No if, ands, or butts about it. It is criminal, illegal, corrupt, and dishonest for the NDP to be doing this.

They lied to the court. They broke notification laws. They violated rights to fair trial. And they did it all in secret using blatantly bias council and with reckless disregard for conflicts of interest. As I stated earlier, this isn’t even the first time they have lied to the courts.

So what do we do? Yes, we can get a different government, but what good does that do when unions like the Alberta Teachers Association are showing the same reckless disregard for the law, human rights, or are pathologically lying to the public? Well, we find a neutral arbiter to come in and investigate, and meed out justice where the other parties are unable or unwilling to.

That is where the Ombudsman comes in. Yes, typically we don’t see a lot of action from the Ombudsman, but that is the only course of action we have left. If law enforcement, the courts, the government, and even the Ombudsman will not take on the cause of truth and justice, then we can rest knowing we took every action possible to us, and that whatever befalls this Province or Country lies squarely on their shoulders. Our hands are clean.

As 1000s of you are aware, I’ve written a letter to the Alberta Ombudsman, requesting that she open an investigation into Alberta Education. My intent is to submit that letter at the end of the month, since I have not heard any response from it’s posting. While I am ecstatic that nearly 560 people have signed that letter, I was hoping for at least 2000. Surely there are 2000 people in this province who are as concerned as the 560 of us?

So I make this request….this challenge of my readers, if you have signed this letter, or do plan on signing, please share it with at least 5 other people whom you know, that would also likely sign it. Personally make the request, whether by phone or in person. Don’t just share it and think a ‘like’ is a signature. Ask them if they read it. What did they think? Do they support it. You could even share this post as supporting information.

And to any ranking member of the UCP reading this. It may be politically expedient for you to support this letter. Since the current government will be looking for ways to bash the UCP after the election, it might be good to get ahead of the game and support an investigation, so that the people know you are serious about weeding out corruption in Alberta Education. Most of the people involved in education are not elected. You would be distancing yourself from any incrimination after taking the reigns.

With that I hope and pray for our leaders. That they may see the the error of their ways. That they may not harden their hearts, and fight the wind. Grant them wisdom, understanding, and compassion. I pray for Alberta, and a day of repentance, and a return to truth, justice, and mercy.

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