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Find out where the candidates stand on Parental Involvement and Family!

Concerned Parents will be updating shortly with an election guide. If you would like to see a Parent focused all candidates forum we need YOUR help. Please Contact Us.

SECRECY-LAWSDANGEROUS OVER REACH OF GOVI WILL NOT support any Politician that goes along with ramming coercive psychological techniques to sexualize children, and to alter a child's natural gifting and characteristics inherited with their DNA. Creating Secrecy Laws is a step to break down the Family unit and give the NDP & their pushers further access to indoctrinate.Fred Van Vliet Evangelical Office of the Public Square Maureen Prince @ Darlene Donna Trimble David W. Lincoln

Posted by Val Olson on Saturday, September 30, 2017

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PCE Candidate Survey

Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) has released a survey asking key question of candidates for school board in October 2017’s Municipal Elections. How the candidates answer those questions will provide key information to electorate on where all candidates stand on the education issues that are at the forefront of the coming election.

PCE_Survey Direct Download

The CPoSD76 will be doing profiles on all candidates who put their names forward on Sept 18th, and giving an A to F grade on if the CPoSD76 endorse that candidate for the position of Trustee in the Medicine Hat Public School District. In order for a Candidate to have a passing grade, they must at a minimum have completed and returned the PCE survey.

The CPoSD76 are of the position that if any candidate can not fill out the survey, and provide direct and honest answers to the questions most concerning to electorate in Medicine hat, then they will receive an ‘F’ on their profile.

The CPoSD76 would also like to thank PCE for providing electorate all across Alberta with the tools they need to make informed decisions on who they will put in Fiduciary charge of their children.

Our children are the future, and giving them the best possible education and the most prosperous future are the most important goals for parents.

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