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Eggen Refuses to set up safeguards for our children

Leela Sharon Aheer stood up in legislature April 3rd during question period, and asked Education Minister David Eggen what he planned to do to monitor the the links and resources that were being given on the Alberta GSA Network website, and if he would apologize. Unsurprisingly Eggen would not answer the question, and instead tried to insinuate that parents raising these concerns were somehow putting the children at risk of ‘outing.’

Listen for yourself.

Leela Sharon Aheer – “Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen instances where content linked to the Alberta Education website is clearly inappropriate for students, containing graphic and sexual content. Providing supports to all students is imperative, but giving students access to explicit content is wrong. The minister knows it, and – believe me – parents know it.
Yesterday I asked the minister to tell parents whose fault this is, why no one is monitoring this, and who is going to be held accountable.”

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