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A conference wake up call. Parents are losing to the state…

What a weekend! The Southern Alberta Conference on the Family was a smashing success! Hardly an empty seat in the room. Theresa Ng, Donna Trimble, and John Carpay all gave articulate well researched presentations, with a clear warning to Parents, that their rights are being stripped, and the family is under direct attack. It is clear that fundamental changes are being implemented in Alberta Education that put children at risk, and shake the very foundations of a free and prosperous society. The situation is dire throughout Canada, not just in Alberta. We can not express enough, the gratitude we have for the guest speakers who were willing to come together and equip parents with the resources they need to prepare for the attacks that are coming, and have already been implemented.



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Interview with John Carpay 630 CHED Radio

Excellent interview of John Carpay, on 630 CHED. Go to April 4th and scroll forward to the 9 am, 9:00 minute mark (or thereabouts). Well worth the listen!

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